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      President Obama may have been busy golfing this weekend, and his brand new Ebola Czar may have had more pressing matters to attend than the White House's Saturday evening meeting on the US "response to domestic Ebola cases" (because clearly the Ebola Czar is superfluous at such Ebola-related events), but that doesn't mean that the administration will once again be caught with its pants down the next time an Ebola index patient is unveiled on US soil. Nope.

      In taking a page right out of America's response to the Ebola pandemic in... West Africa, where the US has dispatched several thousands troops to do, something, unclear what, earlier today, it was revealed that the U.S. military is forming a 30-person "quick-strike team", which according to CNN is "equipped to provide direct treatment to Ebola patients inside the United States, a Defense Department official told CNN's Barbara Starr on Sunday."
      To summarize: the Pentagon, as in the US army, will provide direct treatment to Ebola patients.

      So just how exactly is the US army's crack 30-person "SWAT" team which has a whopping 5 doctors, more competent to deal to deal with what is, at last check, a medical situation than, say, America's medical professionals? Or is, in the parlance of our times, where an "Iraq military advisor" really means crack commando fighting Syrian troops on the ground on behalf of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, "direct treatment" merely a euphemism for something far less enjoyable?

      For the partial answer to some of these questions, please read "Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely, and also "Obama Mobilizes National Guard, Army Reserves To Fight Ebola" - they serve as a good starting point for where all of this is ultimately headed.
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      Any time you feel like all the endless crime, rigging and cronyism on Wall Street and its lobbied puppets in the Capitol is something new, look at these cartoons from about 100 years ago. You will feel better that this time is not different... and much worse that in 100 years absolutely nothing has changed.

      Lots more at the link. Check his twitter feed too. Funny stuff on Yellen.

      “Banks have done more injury to religion, morality, tranquillity, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they have done or ever will do good.”
      --John Adams

      “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arises not from deficits ...
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      The Affordable Care Act not only makes hiring full-time workers more expensive for employers than part-timers, according to a new research paper, it also directly penalizes full-time workers. That will drive at least some people to—perversely—reduce their hours in order to increase their compensation. The end result for the country is likely to be the equivalent of 4 million fewer full-time-workers.

      In "The Affordable Care Act and the New Economics of Part-Time Work," Casey B. Mulligan, professor of economics at the University of Chicago, writes, "Three major provisions of the ACA introduce incentives to change the workweek. The most obvious is the explicit penalty on assessable
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      Ready for Lady MacDeath!


      Leon Panetta, the long-time Democratic Party operative who served as Obama’s Defense Secretary and CIA Director, said this week of Obama’s new bombing campaign: “I think we’re looking at kind of a 30-year war.” Only in America are new 30-year wars spoken of so casually, the way other countries speak of weather changes. He added that the war “will have to extend beyond Islamic State to include emerging threats in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.” And elsewhere: not just a new decades-long war with no temporal limits, but no geographic ones either. He criticized Obama – who has bombed 7 predominantly Muslim countries
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      Lethal bumbling fools. It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.


      Oil is in the news in many countries in many ways. Let's take a look starting with a couple of paragraphs buried in the Financial Times report Barack Obama Admits US Underestimated Isis.

      Allied aircraft on Sunday struck three makeshift oil refineries in an area controlled by Isis in an expansion of attacks intended to damage the militant Islamist group’s financial infrastructure.

      Oil has proved crucial to financing Isis’s operations, netting several million dollars a day. But the observatory said the refineries struck early on Sunday, in and around Raqqa, were owned by civilians
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      Jonathan Turley is perhaps the top constitutional law expert in the United States (and a liberal).

      Turley told MSNBC that Obama is worse than Bush or Nixon in launching unilateral, unconstitutional wars:

      Other constitutional experts agree.

      O'D: "This is a mutual defiance of the Constitution that we see here by the presidency and the congress."

      Turley: "[Agrees] That said, I put a lot of blame on the courts. The courts have removed themselves from this by the so-called standing doctrine, they prevent people from challenging wars like this, by saying "you have no right to be heard in this court," and the result is that the two other branches can blatantly violate the Constitution and we end up in this type of perpetual war."
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      He won over another one. To know Ron is to love Ron!


      [...] Unlike a lot of slightly younger libertarians I know, I didn't come into the fold via Ron Paul, and this was the first time I've heard the former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate speak live. I was charmed—the man certainly has charisma—and though he lost me a few places, I thought Paul's statements about American foreign policy and the general precepts of liberty were really great. The crowd seemed the most gung-ho when Paul spoke about foreign policy, economic matters like taxes and the gold standard, and dysfunctionality in Washington.

      Toward the end of the speech, Paul stressed that there are two basic principles ...
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      Who needs jobs when you have HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!!! All progs do is destroy. Even when they're attempting to fix what they previously broke, they destroy even more.


      Businesses are cutting jobs due to ObamaCare, according to surveys by several regional Federal Reserve Banks.

      Health economist John Goodman noted that "three Federal Reserve Banks in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta have surveyed the folks in their area and roughly one fifth of the employers are saying they cut back on employment.

      “Roughly one fifth are saying they're moving from full time to part time,” Goodman added. “More than one in ten are saying they're doing more outsourcing - all this because of the new health care reform."
      Doug Holtz-Eakin, former Director of the Congressional Budget Office, said “for the smaller employers -- those that have between 20 and 49 employees -- you get a negative impact on jobs, you get a negative impact on wages in those jobs. What this means for small business as a whole is over $22 billion of earnings gone for their workers and 350,000 jobs." Continued...
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      To fascist progs, insurance companies are more important than physicians. Great job, progs. You got your insurance mandate, guaranteeing them customers and profit at the point of a government gun, but you Humanitarians with Guillotines attack the physicians who actually provide medical care.


      Last year I wrote that Obamacare could leave doctors holding the bag for claims for patients who don't pay their insurance premiums. That's because the law includes a three-month grace period during which health insurers must continue to cover patients who sign up, but don't pay the price of their insurance. If the patients eventually make good, there's no problem. But if patients don't pay the owed premiums, the insurance company has to cover the cost of claims filed during the first month. Providers are stuck with the tab for any claims filed during months two and three.

      The piece I wrote last July was theoretical. The notification letter I'm holding in my hand, addressed to my wife's pediatric practice, is reality. And reality costs, in this case, over $600. That's the outstanding balance owed the practice by a patient insured by BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona. It's a balance that my wife might have to eat, or else try to collect herself.

      Here's the letter, from which my wife redacted all identifying information before showing it to me.
      The American Medical Association (AMA) has more information about the grace period here, though the letter above covers the high points. Given the potentially high costs providers can face when the insurance coverage they process for patient care turns out to be more of a conditional suggestion than a firm guarantee, the AMA also offers physicians guidance, and urges them to enter into financial agreements with patients who receive subsidized care. The idea is to get them to promise to pay their own bills if they stiff the insurance company.

      Of course, those patients promised to pay their insurance companies, too.
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      I don't call it Barry's Big Fascist Medical System for nothing! Progs would be freaking out if Republicans shoved this "reform" down the nation's collective throat. But TEAM BLUE did it, so it's all good. It's cute how progs don't even know they're fascists.


      Obamacare continues to struggle in the court of public opinion, but it’s good news for some health insurance industry stockholders, specifically the folks who have invested in WellPoint, which owns multiple insurers, including Blue Cross. Via The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney, here’s a research note from Seeking Alpha titled: "WellPoint Inc.: Loving Obamacare?"

      WellPoint, the note says, has become
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