• Conza88

    by Published on 03-10-2014 08:22 AM

    Konrad Graf delivers a talk addressing Action-Based Jurisprudence at the Australian Mises Seminar in 2012. The full text transcript with slides can be absorbed here. The talk has six sub-headings:
    • The problem of rights violating rights protectors [1:22]
    • Differentiating law and ethics [10:47]
    • Three core legal theory modules [18:35]
    • The full range of responses to aggression [33:56]
    • Consistently rights-protecting legal institutions [39:12]
    • Who wins and loses from misplaced complexity? [46:36]
    There are several questions at the end of the presentation. As usual the above was brilliant. A listing of more timestamps are available in the video description. This is the most cutting edge article on Austro-Libertarianism that exists today.
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