• Petar

    by Published on 02-18-2014 12:08 AM

    Since I've arrived in Sao Paulo Brazil I have started to make an effort to meet some of the people here who share our values regarding liberty.

    The only word that I can use to describe what I have found is "magic".

    I feel like I have witnessed an idea that began to really sprout in 2007, and now some of it's branches have spread over here, thousands of kilometers away.

    Talking to some of these folks and seeing some of their activity on Facebook, I see all of the same memes that we have been spreading for years.

    I even met a young person who is about to organize the first classically liberal political party here in Brazil!

    Please read the following article that describes what has been happening here, while I go and encourage these fantastic young individuals to introduce themselves in this thread.

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