• WhistlinDave

    by Published on 07-15-2013 10:34 PM

    Hey everybody! The other day I started singing to myself and this song just spilled out of me. So I started writing it down. Since I don't have a ton of money myself to contribute to Ben's Liberty Is Rising Truth In Media project, I decided to record the song and put it out there on YouTube with a link to his kickstarter project. It's not much but it's my little contribution to the effort. I know it's late in the game too; wish I would've had this inspiration a few weeks ago!

    Anyway, if you like it, please share this video around. If you're posting it on a site where the video description doesn't show up (like Facebook or Twitter or whatever), please be sure to grab the link to Ben's kickstarter and post that together along with the video.

    Ben's kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...edia-project-0

    Please let me know what you all think of my crazy song... LOL I'm on here less often these days but I'll be sure to pop back in and read your critiques.
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