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    The primary goal of the license-plate tracking program, run by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is to seize cars, cash and other assets to combat drug trafficking, according to one government document. But the database’s use has expanded to hunt for vehicles associated with numerous other potential crimes, from kidnappings to killings to rape suspects, say people familiar with the matter.
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    I've requested that politicians in my state propose legislation allowing people who wish to leave the system (i.e., opt-out of all taxes and regulation) be permitted to do so without harassment from the govt.

    Here is the response I've gotten from 2 state senators.

    Politicians 1 Response
    Ok so we will cancel the police, fire department, and 9-1-1 for you
    Tomorrow you can walk because the roads are off limits to all who opt but don't worry because you can walk as fast as you would like because limit to walking
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    Politicians 2 Response

    Thanks for your email. The short answer to your request is that neither the US Constitution nor the state Constitution envision a cafeteria form of citizenship. Moreover, state government is not free under the US Constitution to create different categories of citizenship. A person, however, can leave our country, go to a US Consulate, renounce his citizenship, and be free of obligations of being a United States citizen.
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