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    The primary goal of the license-plate tracking program, run by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is to seize cars, cash and other assets to combat drug trafficking, according to one government document. But the database’s use has expanded to hunt for vehicles associated with numerous other potential crimes, from kidnappings to killings to rape suspects, say people familiar with the matter.
    by Published on 01-05-2014 03:06 PM

    I've requested that politicians in my state propose legislation allowing people who wish to leave the system (i.e., opt-out of all taxes and regulation) be permitted to do so without harassment from the govt.

    Here is the response I've gotten from 2 state senators.

    Politicians 1 Response
    Ok so we will cancel the police, fire department, and 9-1-1 for you
    Tomorrow you can walk because the roads are off limits to all who opt but don't worry because you can walk as fast as you would like because limit to walking
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    Politicians 2 Response

    Thanks for your email. The short answer to your request is that neither the US Constitution nor the state Constitution envision a cafeteria form of citizenship. Moreover, state government is not free under the US Constitution to create different categories of citizenship. A person, however, can leave our country, go to a US Consulate, renounce his citizenship, and be free of obligations of being a United States citizen.
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    Occam's Banana

    The Ron Paul Revolution: 10-Year Retrospective LIVE STREAM (ft. Ron Paul) SAT 04 DEC

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    The Ron Paul Revolution: A Ten-Year Retrospective — Saturday, December 4, 2021 Join Dr. Ron Paul and Tom Woods, plus very special guest Glenn Greenwald in Texas for an event you won't want to miss! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvMoJE7pxh4 The Ron Paul Revolution: A Ten-Year Retrospective LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE (all times Central Daylight Time) Source (PDF):...

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    Occam's Banana

    Support the Mises Caucus

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    Support the Mises Caucus ("the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party") Website: https://lpmisescaucus.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lpmisescaucus/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiJjwEXZopbA4g0ZiH3T5Lw Twitter: https://twitter.com/LPMisesCaucus The Mises Caucus is seeking to "take over" and reinvigorate the Libertarian Party by getting its membership off the path...

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    Liberty / Free-Market Based Podcasts

    Thread Starter: Bryan

    Listing of liberty / free-market based podcasts - open to additions Ordering: * Top = promoted * Ordered by reach / size as best known Updated November 28, 2021

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    The Northbreather

    Mises Caucus Coup D’Etat

    Thread Starter: The Northbreather

    There’s rumblings about a takeover of the L.P. by the Mises Caucus/Ron Paul types. Many of the people with large followings and influence are talking about starting up the Ron Paul Revolution 2.0. They seem to be tired of the LP pandering to the left and trying to win influence by adapting to the current system. They’re all about purging the so called “left libertarians” and restoring an...

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    Biden Hits New Approval Low - Is He Eyeing War As A Distraction?

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Biden Hits New Approval Low - Is He Eyeing War As A Distraction? vmaj4l

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    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire by Tyler Durden Having been decidedly off-the-radar for months since the controversial 'suicide' of Jeffrey Epstein, NBC New York reports that Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI and charged by federal prosecutors. Multiple senior law enforcement officials reportedly said the British socialite and heiress was arrested in New...

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    When will Kamala Harris become POTUS?

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Joe Biden won't last for four years. With scandals and dementia, it's only a matter of time before he is removed or steps down, and Kamala Harris is installed as POTUS. When will it happen?

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana Yesterday, 11:49 PM Go to last post

    NBC's Chuck Todd: "We're Not Going To Give TV Time To Climate Deniers"

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    NBC host Chuck Todd kicked off a full hour of discussion about Climate change on Sunday by telling "Meet the Press" viewers that there would be no debate over the topic - as the "science is settled." "We’re not going to debate climate change, the existence of it. The Earth is getting hotter. And human activity is a major cause, period," said Todd. "We’re not going to give time to climate...

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    Pauls' Revere

    Jussie Smollett - trial

    Thread Starter: Pauls' Revere

    Remember this? Any predictions? My guess, is a fine and probation. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/empire-jussie-smollett-hate-crime-chicago_n_61a462d5e4b0ae9a42b03331 Actor Jussie Smollett heads to a Chicago court Monday on charges relatedly to allegedly faking a hate crime nearly three years ago. The former “Empire” star, 39, has been charged with lying to police. He claimed he was...

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    Black Looting Matters says don't do business with whitey this blackXmas

    Thread Starter: NorthCarolinaLiberty

    #BuyBlack - Skip the Black Friday sales and buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses. #BankBlack - Move your money out of white-corporate banks that finance our oppression and open accounts with Black-owned banks. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWvguDCp9Nu/

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    Eight Democrats Blast Fauci’s Sadistic Dog Experiments, His Next Target: Your Children

    Thread Starter: James_Madison_Lives

    https://coronanews123.wordpress.com/2021/10/27/eight-democrats-blast-faucis-sadistic-dog-experiments-his-next-target-your-children/ Eight Democratic congress members have joined 16 Republicans demanding answers from Anthony Fauci for approving hundreds of millions of dollars in NIH funds for experiments on beagle puppies, which they wrote in a in a letter to Fauci, were “costly, cruel, and...

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    The "libertarian" sub on reddit is sponsoring a poll.

    Thread Starter: unknown

    It should be called r/socialism but anyway. They are sponsoring a poll and the socialists are winning. If you guys have a reddit account, can you jump on? https://www.reddit.com/r/Libertarian/comments/ra0dfu/week_4_lew_rockwell_eliminated_libertarian/ I didnt break the link, I dont think they track that or even care.

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    Anti Federalist

    Double face diapering on the way!

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    If two masks make you twice as safe, why not a ten diaper mandate? Dr. Fauci: Double-masking makes ‘common sense’ and is likely more effective https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/25/dr-fauci-double-mask-during-covid-makes-common-sense-more-effective.html Published Mon, Jan 25 202110:43 AM EST

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    Rare Footage of Official Highway Robbery

    Thread Starter: sam1952

    Sorry, for some reason I can no longer post videos. This is a YouTube link to a start to finish seizure. If someone would be kind enough to post the video I’d be appreciative...

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    Anti Federalist

    Biden Nominee Who Praised Soviet Union Refuses to Give Senate Her Karl Marx Thesis

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Christ almighty, as if we don't have enough home grown Marxist moles to deal with, this broad is a dyed in the wool, Soviet educated, genuine commie. Get the $#@! out of my government and get the $#@! out of my country. Biden Nominee Who Praised Soviet Union Refuses to Give Senate Her Karl Marx Thesis ...

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    Matt Collins

    CPI jumps 5% in May of 2021, fastest since 2008

    Thread Starter: Matt Collins

    If they are admitting a 5% jump, the true number is probably more like 15%-20% https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/10/business/consumer-price-index-may-2021.html

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    Working Poor

    Chlorine dioxide

    Thread Starter: Working Poor

    I have been wanting to post something about Chlorine Dioxide for awhile. I haven't seen any other post here on it so here goes.I have been seeing stuff about it for years and finally started studying up on it. Of course the usual suspects don't approve of it's use. Chlorine Dioxide has primarily been used for water purification and industrial cleaning of food and medical prep surfaces,...

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    It is gonna be a cold winter.

    Thread Starter: Danke

    This fall the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief Oyarde if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he’d never learned the old tribal secrets. He couldn’t look at the sky to predict what the winter was going to be like. "It's going to be a very cold winter." So just to be on the safe side, Oyarde told his tribe that the...

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    What's more protected - Free Speech, or an Exemption? Does Civil disobedience scramble things?

    Thread Starter: Evacuationday

    Yes, I disagree with the politics involved in and dominating the coerced vaccinations, as well as the division of society that the vaccinated MUST BY DEFAULT be included into. I cannot be told "how or how not to" dissent in order to say: "that's wrong, and I disapprove". Options such as exemptions for religious or medical reasons may be available, however, they DO NOT voice my dismay. You see, at...

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    Michael Malice

    Thread Starter: Sammy

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana 12-06-2021, 07:11 PM Go to last post
    A Son of Liberty

    Part of the Problem

    Thread Starter: A Son of Liberty

    I'll endeavor to post each episode of Dave Smith's, Part of the Problem podcast here, going forward. Feel free to discuss/opine.

    Last Post By: A Son of Liberty 12-06-2021, 03:28 AM Go to last post
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