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    by Published on 01-09-2014 11:04 PM

    We have two completely different systems of representation...private and public. Which system is better?

    Elena uses society's limited resources to make an excellent Greek Salad. I give her my dollar votes because she represents my interest in good food. Elena is my representative...I value how she uses society's limited resources so I give her positive feedback.

    Elizabeth Warren is also my representative. I didn't vote for her though. Why bother voting? I'm supposed to vote for somebody who represents all my public interests? If this makes any sense why don't I also vote for somebody who represents all my private interests?

    With the private system of representation...I have a robust repertoire of representatives. Everybody I give my money to is my representative. And I give my money to a lot of different people because I have a lot of different interests. If I could replace all these representatives with a couple of people...then I could save all the time that I spend shopping.

    But there's a problem with trying to find one person to represent all my interests...nobody comes even close. So if I did give all my money to one person...I'd be really worse off. My interests would suffer incredibly. Especially if this one person also had to represent the interests of 100,000 other people. My interests would be lost like tears in rain.

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