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    by Published on 09-21-2012 02:31 PM

    We are just $3,900 dollars away.

    The Most Important Race in Kentucky
    Chris Hightower is standing tall after winning his primary for state rep in the KY’s 16th District, despite the establishment opposing him. Although he faces an incumbent, the general election is very winnable, as it was held by a Republican until he retired in 2008. Senator Rand Paul is doing his part and recently held a fundraiser for Chris, where he related a story about how in the early days of 2009, when he started running for Senate, and thought he had no chance of winning, he would find Chris working in a hallway of his doctor’s office day in and day out to make the impossible happen – and he did. After a few months, Rand finally decided he’d better pay Chris something – which Chris promptly donated back to Rand’s campaign! He went on to play a huge role in our historic victory of 2010. Chris knows the nuts and bolts of elections, and if we get him the support to win, he will be hands-down the best rep in Frankfort, and start a conservative revolution like Ron & Rand did in their respective offices. Furthermore, it would replace a supporter of Obama’s agenda with a reliable champion of fiscal conservatism and limited government like Rand – and possibly even help flip the majority in the KY House. Furthermore, he’ll be in position to step up for Congress when Rep. Whitfield retires or another opportunity opens up!

    But victory will come down entirely to us. If we can raise $60k and get a handful of volunteers, Chris will win his race. It should be a drop in the bucket compared to our million-dollar moneybombs… but it is harder getting attention for a local race. But now you’re aware of what a huge opportunity we have. So I’m asking you today to click here and make the most generous donation you can! If I wasn’t broke from donating to Ron & Rand and living on savings to fight for freedom, I’d make the max donation too. Since we’ve essentially won Massie’s race, I really believe this is the most important race in Kentucky right now. We also have a phone-from-home system set up, and even a determined few should be able to contact every single voter in the district. Please send me an email if you can help, and I’ll set you up! Thanks for your consideration in this vital race.

    by Published on 05-25-2011 05:09 PM

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Moments ago, Sen. Rand Paul again urged Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) to keep his agreement to allow debate and an open amendment process for the USA PATRIOT Act, but Sen. Reid refused. Sen. Paul took to the Senate floor to address Sen. Reid’s scurrilous attacks and to ask the Senate for unanimous consent for reasonable consideration of three amendments. Sen. Reid personally objected, proving that he is to blame for holding up the USA PATRIOT Act and unwilling to keep his word allowing debate and amendments to the extension bill.


    I rise in response to a scurrilous accusation. I've been accused of wanting to allow terrorists to have weapons to attack America. To be attacked of such a belief when I'm here to discuss and debate the constitutionality of the PATRIOT Act is offensive.

    I find it personally insulting. And I think it demeans the body. It demeans the Senate body and the people that we can't have an intelligent debate over the constitutionality of this.

    I am somehow to be told that because I believe a judge should sign a warrant that I'm in favor of terrorists having weapons?

    The absurdity of it, the insult of it. If one argues that judges should sign warrants before they go into the house of an alleged murderer, are you in favor of murder?

    Can we not have a debate on a higher plane, a debate over whether or not there should be some constitutional protections, some constitutional procedure? But to come to the floor and accuse me of being in favor of giving weapons to terrorists. Can our Constitution withstand?

    Is our Constitution strong enough that we could actually capture terrorism -- capture terrorists and protect our liberties at the same time?

    Should we have some rules that say before they come into your house, before they go into your banking records, that a judge should be asked for permission, that there should be judicial review? Do we want a lawless land? Do we want a land that is so much without restraint, a government without restraint that at any point in time they can come into your house?

    We were very worried about that. That's why our country was founded on principles such as the fourth amendment to protect us from an overzealous government. But to transform an argument where good people might disagree into an accusation that I would let terrorists have weapons, no, I believe that we would stop terrorism but do it in a constitutional fashion where you would have a warrant issued by a judge.

    Some people say we don't have enough time to do that. In the morning, judges are routinely called when someone is accused of rape, when someone is accused of murder. When there is an alleged crime, we get warrants and it's worked for 225 years until we decided to throw out the Constitution.

    We threw out the Constitution with the PATRIOT Act because we changed the Constitution, not by two-thirds in this body voting for it and not by three-fourths of the state but by a scared 51 percent who threw out their liberties. They said make me safe. I want to be safe. I'm afraid, make me safe, but they gave up their liberties.

    I think it was a mistake and i think we should have an intelligent and rational discussion over this, but i don't think it furthers the debate to accuse someone who has Constitutional concerns about the way we were doing things to accuse them of being in favor of putting hands -- weapons into the hands of terrorists. I object strongly to this.

    The leader has said that they will compromise. They said one week of debate in February and open amendments. They would be open to amendments, even amendments they disagreed with. Do whatever people feel is appropriate on this bill. This doesn't mean just amendments that are not emotional or just amendments that had nothing to do with guns.

    They are petrified to vote on issues of guns because they know that a lot of people in America favor the second amendment, own guns and want to protect it in the right to own guns and the right to have those records not sifted through by the government.

    We don't want a government that eventually will allow for direction of the police towards those who own guns. We don't want our records to be public. We don't want our records to be sifted through by a government without judicial review.

    They don't want to vote on this because they know the American people agree with us, and if you polled this question, you would find 80% to 90% of Americans don't want their banking records, don't want their gun records to be sifted through by a government without a judge ever giving any approval of this.

    This is a constitutional question, and I would ask the leader to stand by his agreement to an open -- an open amendment process.

    And so at this time I will ask unanimous consent that my amendments numbered 363, 365 and 368 be in order, and within one hour of debate on each be followed by a roll call vote. I ask unanimous consent that this occur at this time.

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    by Published on 12-15-2010 05:08 PM

    From Press release:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - In response to Sen. Tom Coburn's amendment introduced today in the Senate, Sen.-elect Rand Paul issued the following statement commending Sen. Coburn's action:

    "I applaud Senator Coburn's attempt to bring spending cuts into the discussion today. While I am in favor of lower taxes for all Americans, we simply cannot continue to ignore our out-of-control spending. The Coburn Amendment is a step in the right direction to at least begin to act. Any Senator who does not support this amendment is not serious about fixing our fiscal mess, and clearly did not get the message from the American people this November."

    Source: http://www.freemaninky.com/2010/12/s...tement-on.html

    Photo: Gage Skidmore
    by Published on 12-14-2010 03:47 PM
    Article Preview

    Senator-Elect Rand Paul Announces Initial Staff Appointments

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - In anticipation of the 112th Congress, Sen.-elect Rand Paul announced today the following hires to his official Senate office. This staff will be in place in early January 2011 to support Sen. Paul's plans for an aggressive legislative agenda.

    Kentuckians sent a resounding message to Washington when they elected me to serve the Bluegrass State in the U.S. Senate. I am proud to announce the following members of my staff, who share my dedication to reforming government and ending business as usual here in our nation's capital," Sen.-elect Paul said in a statement Tuesday

    Chief of Staff Doug Stafford joins Sen.-elect Paul's office with over a dozen ...
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    I want to start a Libertarian movement in my country

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    I live in Lebanon, and I don't know many libertarians where I live I know only two guys on the internet and they created a Facebook page called "The Lebanese Libertarian Movement" and the page is still small https://www.facebook.com/LebaneseLibertarians/ We would like to expand and start doing something in practice. Any suggestions and ideas are appreciated. :)

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    Creating a Free Town or County

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    This has been discussed before. I want to bring it up again and see how much interest there still is. If there are about 1,000 liberty-lovers willing to relocate, we could all relocate to a town or county of population 1,000 or so and join with the locals to move the town or county closer to liberty. Who would be interested and willing to do such a thing?

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    Our Turk Allies Just Attacked Our Kurd Allies - Whose Side Are We On?

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    Our Turk Allies Just Attacked Our Kurd Allies - Whose Side Are We On?

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    Article by Alpha Rand: Real Men Cut Taxes

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    Rand Paul: McCain and Graham are blind to the risks in Syria

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    Rand Paul: McCain and Graham are blind to the risks in Syria By Rand Paul - Tue April 18, 2017

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    R O N P A U L !!!!!

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    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Hell Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh :)!!!!

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    New Syria Sanctions; Gas Attack Claims Still Unproven

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    The White House slapped wide-ranging sanctions on 271 Syrian scientists yesterday for what it claimed was their work on chemical weapons related to the April 4th attack. Proof? None. US certified 100 percent of Syria's chemical stockpile was destroyed in 2014. Yet the Administration is somehow certain that Assad was behind the attack. Who's the real target here? Russia? Iran?

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    written by robert higgs wednesday april 26, 2017 The so-called war on drugs—actually a war on certain people associated in various ways with certain drugs — has served since the Nixon administration as a major profit center for governments at every level. Owing to the ostensible efforts to suppress the possession, use, and commerce in these drugs, governments have been able to justify...

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    I don't care if you've backed him all along or are a recent convert. Yea or nay? Poll is public.

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    Boycott the elections

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    From the start it were only Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump in the spotlight (even in Europe they get shoved down our throat), and because nobody will vote for any politician they don’t know, it’s the media that decides who wins. Last July 26, Hillary accepted the official nomination, while a few days earlier Trump became the nominee for the Democrat-Republicans. You cannot seriously...

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    Donald Trump is a false flag

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    Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds.(1) (4/30/2016) I say so because in this campaign there is a lot of comedy show done by S.S.G.. Those rallies, either for trump or against him, have the purpose to raise his popularity. What is S.S.G.?

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    Ted Cruz: "Golan Heights are part of Israel's sovereign territory"

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    Ted Cruz: "Golan Heights are part of Israel's sovereign territory":

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    Meet Jared Kushner

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    Meet Jared Kushner, Trump's Publisher Son-in-Law by Jane C. Timm

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    Why the H-1B Visa Racket Should Be Abolished, Not Reformed

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    Why the H-1B Visa Racket Should Be Abolished, Not Reformed By Ilana Mercer - April 24, 2017

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    Trump massive tax plan

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    Trump Vows to Unveil Tax-Cut Plan Next Week, Surprising Staff WASHINGTON — President Trump promised on Friday that he would unveil a “massive” tax cut for Americans next week, vowing a “big announcement on Wednesday,” but he revealed no details about what is certain to be an enormously complicated effort to overhaul the nation’s tax code. Mr. Trump offered his tax tease in an interview...

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    In the early morning New Orleans removes Confederate monuments...

    Thread Starter: phill4paul

    . http://thefederalist.com/2017/04/25/new-orleans-wrong-remove-confederate-monuments/#disqus_thread

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    Anti Federalist

    New History Channel series exposes CIA and US Government involvement in drug trade

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    Mainstream Media Finally Exposes CIA Drug Trafficking Conspiracy in Explosive History Channel Series http://thefreethoughtproject.com/paradigm-shift-history-channel-air-documentary-exposing-cia-drug-trafficking/ By Matt Agorist April 26, 2017 Richard Nixon, in his effort to silence black people and antiwar activists, brought the War on Drugs into full force in 1973. He then signed...

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    There Is No ‘Trump Doctrine’

    Thread Starter: Origanalist

    By DANIEL LARISON • April 26, 2017, 9:30 AM Reince Priebus’ description of the “Trump Doctrine” is just as confused as you would expect: Trump is “reshaping our position in the world,” Priebus said, and “really establishing, I think, a Trump Doctrine in setting some certain lines of where we’re not going to allow people like to go, but at the same time making it clear that we’re not...

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    Sotomayor "Cops Shoot first think later"

    Thread Starter: mrsat_98

    https://bluelivesmatter.blue/sonia-sotomayor-police-officers/ Justice Sonia Sotomayor Shows Anti-Police Bias Washington, DC – In a scathing dissent to the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to take a certain case, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor not only attacked police officers and their credibility but accused the nation’s highest court of developing a “disturbing trend” of siding with...

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    Man Fined $500 for Crime of Writing 'I Am An Engineer' in an Email to the Government

    Thread Starter: kahless

    Man Fined $500 for Crime of Writing 'I Am An Engineer' in an Email to the Government https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/man-fined-dollar500-for-crime-of-writing-i-am-an-engineer-in-an-email-to-the-government

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    Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street's Newest Fat Cat

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street's Newest Fat Cat By Charlie Gasparino, Brian Schwartz - April 24, 2017

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    Anti Federalist

    Cashless society getting closer, survey finds

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    So it's not just idiot AmeriKans that are falling all over themselves to make the banksters richer, and subject themselves to a phenomenal level of surveillance and control because...well, I'm not quite sure why...convenience? Cashless society getting closer, survey finds http://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-economy-cash-idUSKBN17S001 Business News | Wed Apr 26, 2017 | 1:52pm...

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    Are tax cuts without reduced spending a good thing?

    Thread Starter: TheCount

    Inspired by Madison320's thread, I was thinking about this topic today. My argument is that the greater the disconnect is between the American people and the actual cost of government, the less likely that the country will be to ever reign in the cost and therefore scope and power of government. In other words, I believe that Americans are more likely to tolerate government programs with which...

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    Bitcoin Back Up To $1000

    Thread Starter: anaconda

    Sell price is $1000 here on New Years Day 2017 at around 1:20 PM Pacific time. https://www.coinbase.com/charts

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    Economic Charts, Pics, and Videos Thread

    Thread Starter: DamianTV

    Im trying something here. A pretty generic thread that acts as kind of a collection of various charts, graphs, pics and videos relating to Economics in general. Maybe The Recovery Wasn't Real After All http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-02/maybe-recovery-wasnt-real-after-all http://dollarcollapse.com/the-economy/recovery-wasnt-real/

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    The Litepresence Report on Cryptocurrency

    Thread Starter: presence

    CLICK HERE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION I've had multiple requests to create a unified location for my charts, predictions, forecasts, etc. so here it is. I'll update the thread whenever I'm trading. You can chat w/ me live at the btce trollbox. Best of luck my friends!

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    $10 FRNs disappearing from circulation

    Thread Starter: devil21

    Reports on the net of the $10 FRN disappearing and I personally confirmed from numerous local retailers that those notes are becoming scarce. http://mysticalnumbers.com/number-10/

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    The likely cause of drug addiction - good read

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    Turmeric Beats Ibuprofen for Arthritis of the Knee

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Turmeric Beats Ibuprofen for Arthritis of the Knee An exciting new clinical trial published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has revealed that an effective natural alternative to the exceedingly popular pharmaceutical painkiller ibuprofen exists for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA), and it is a familiar kitchen spice known to be far superior both in...

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    These 4 Natural Tricks Improve Blood Circulation

    Thread Starter: Suzanimal

    These may seem silly but they really do work. I started dry brushing and using a nubby massager thingy and see a difference in my skin. When dry brushing, I was told to brush toward the heart. It doesn't take long. I do it while the shower is warming up in the morning. I use the the other thing in the shower and use a circular motion. I started doing it for vanity reasons. My babies left me...

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    Anti Federalist

    Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk http://q13fox.com/2017/04/23/diet-sodas-may-be-tied-to-stroke-dementia-risk/ Posted 2:02 PM, April 23, 2017, by CNN Wire, Updated at 02:06PM, April 23, 2017 Gulping down an artificially sweetened beverage not only may be associated with health risks for your body but also possibly your brain, a new study suggests. Artificially sweetened...

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    Tylenol Kills Emotions As Well As Pain, Study Reveals

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Tylenol Kills Emotions As Well As Pain, Study Reveals 31st May 2015 By Sayer Ji Contributing Writer for Wake Up World For decades Tylenol has been used as a pain-killer, but new research reveals it has psychiatric side effects including dulled emotional responses to both positive and negative stimuli.

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    Turmeric Strikes at ‘Root Cause’ of Cancerous Tumor Development, Study Finds

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Turmeric Strikes at ‘Root Cause’ of Cancerous Tumor Development, Study Finds by Elizabeth Renter February 12th, 2014 Turmeric is known for a wide range of benefits, one of the most promising being it’s potential uses in the prevention and treatment of cancer. A new study published in the journal Cancer Letters has taken a new look at the active anti-cancer component in...

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    Statin Scam Exposed: Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Aging, Brain Damage And Diabetes

    Thread Starter: donnay


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    Thread Starter: osan

    I've been using this sparingly for a few years, but am now of the opinion that it should be spread far and wide. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the FAIL-plex, denoted as FAIL^FAIL. What is a FAIL-plex, you ask? It is the ultimate in FAIL, both in quantity and quality. It could be called "ultra-FAIL" as well. It is infinite amounts of the most intense FAIL possible in this, or any...

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    Should it be illegal to make these allegations online in this situation?

    Thread Starter: HitoKichi

    Keemstar And “Sir” Tony Ray: Internet Mob Mentality On Saturday a post titled “Keemstar’s Drama Alert makes a 62 year old man cry” hit the front page of Reddit. Keemstar is a YouTube celebrity, who hosts a show called “Drama Alert.” The show centers on Keemstar talking about the personal lives and drama of YouTube celebrities. Recently, Drama Alert’s popularity exploded, with their recent...

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    Is it too late even for Ron Paul to save us?

    Thread Starter: cindy25

    had he been elected in 2008, just by dismantling the empire, freezing hiring and salaries the budget would have been in balance; all doable without congress. or by using a veto. but now the cuts have to draconian. ending food stamps etc. can you see 60 senators and a house majority voting for that?

    Last Post By: CCTelander Today, 08:17 AM Go to last post

    What's the Austrian position on ridiculously long "Terms and Conditions"?

    Thread Starter: Son_of_Liberty90

    You know, from the likes of Amazon Kindle, Itunes, etc. Terms that you would need to take a lifetime to read collectively. Let's not mix in the long government bills in this discussion. We all know they should be no longer than 15 pages each, no matter what so they can all be read by congressmen no problem. But for private Terms and Conditions, would the Austrian position simply be to...

    Last Post By: osan Today, 06:19 AM Go to last post

    Tho Bishop: The Alt-Right in Auburn (Mises Weekends)

    Thread Starter: Suzanimal

    Pretty good listen. I love the new format but it was weird watching Tho talk and then a pic of Jeff popping up when he was talking. Hey, a pic of Jeff is better than no Jeff.:D https://mises.org/library/tho-bishop-alt-right-auburn

    Last Post By: NewRightLibertarian Yesterday, 04:04 PM Go to last post

    List of admitted false flag attacks

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    I’ve found a long list of false flag attacks that have been “admitted” by the government that carried them out: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-07/ever-growing-list-admitted-false-flag-attacks (1) Mukden or Manchurian Incident - Japanese troops set off an explosion on a train track (1931), and blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria. (2) Attacks on Germans –...

    Last Post By: Firestarter Yesterday, 10:10 AM Go to last post
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