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    by Published on 05-26-2014 03:20 PM

    I was watching the independents last week and they had a Harvard (?) somewhat libertarian dude on talking about Geithner and TARP, and the question was asked of him, "what would have happened had their been no TARP?"

    I lean forward anticipating some answer along the lines of "well, Goldman would have taken it in the shorts, housing prices would probably decline a bit more, however our analysis shows that most local community banks would have seen a hiccup and then gone about their business...."

    Instead the response was, "we don't know." thanks for stating the obvious, pal, but I was looking for a lot more out of you.

    so here's a question I've asked previously: has anyone here seen an analysis or non-Geithner-esque prediction of what would have occurred, economically, had there been no Wall St. bailout?
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