• Mr Tansill

    by Published on 03-13-2015 12:45 PM

    The text of the internet “regulation” has been released and I thought it was worthy to post a couple of relevant cuts here for people’s consumption and information. There was so much fervor and debate about the evil intent behind the government “taking over” the internet that it was making my head spin – especially since no one had even seen the regulations! Turns out, it WAS all hype.

    In all, 49 instances of the word “tax” occur, fully 36 of them in the “dissenting opinion” section of the regulation – an indication of the fury and suspicion with which this effort was met. The appearances of the word tax in the actual content of the document are basically there to reassure the masses that it is not, nor was it previously the FCC’s goal to implement some sort of devilish tax ...
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