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      by Published on 10-01-2014 06:35 AM

      Where Scotland failed, could New Hampshire succeed?
      Jason Sorens, a visiting professor at Dartmouth College and co-founder of the Free State Project, is author of Secessionism: Identity, Interest, and Strategy

      ...a majority of Scots voted against independence from the United Kingdom. Their desire for self-determination, though, is easy to understand: The same impulse motivates present-day demands for federalism and state autonomy in the United States. Over the past decade, for instance, the Free State Project has been drawing libertarians to the relatively libertarian-friendly state of New Hampshire to pursue smaller government. Could New Hampshire or another
      by Published on 09-23-2014 01:40 PM

      Push to tax online sales heats up

      Here is part of the article. According to a survey, the vast majority of the people in NV want everything bought online to be taxed. I was shocked when I saw that. I figured a lot of the people that moved to NV, moved there because they like that NV has low taxes. But almost all of them want to increase taxes on individuals, even poor people? I'm not sure if those survey results are accurate.

      States also are losing sales tax revenue, from $200 million to $680 million per year in Nevada, according to 2012 estimates.

      But that may soon change.

      Lawmakers in Washington and in Carson
      by Published on 09-08-2014 06:22 AM

      You may have heard of Liberty Ballot. It features 304 New Hampshire Republican Primary sample ballots with the least bad candidates for the contested races already marked. Just select your town, and click "Get Ballot". There is an extensive FAQ. Check it out now! http://libertyballot.com

      Still want to know more about Liberty Ballot? Check out the Shire Liberty News Interview with one of the co-creators of Liberty Ballot.

      Liberty Ballot: New Tool for New Hampshire Voters

      SLN: When was Liberty Ballot officially launched?

      LB: Liberty Ballot had a soft launch two weeks before the New Hampshire primary. Dozens of people gave lots of great feedback and some improvements were made to the website. On September 2nd, one week before the New Hampshire primary, Liberty Ballot was presented to the press via a press release.

      Liberty Ballot Press Release

      On the night before the New Hampshire election, many Granite Staters will be asking similar questions. Which candidates support smaller government? Where to vote? When to vote? Voting for liberty can be complicated – make it easy with http://LibertyBallot.com. Click on your town and then click “Get Ballot”. A sample ballot filled out with good candidate recommendations for the contested Republican Primary races will appear. Save the ballot to your phone, bring up the website in the voting booth or even print out a personal copy of the ballot.

      Dozens of grassroots freedom activists completed hundreds of hours of research to make Liberty Ballot a reality. Keep in mind that some of the races have more than one good candidate. In those cases, use Liberty Ballot as a jumping off point for your own research. See the Liberty Ballot FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

      Liberty Ballot Contact: libertyinthegranitestate@gmail.com

      SLN: Who is behind Liberty ballot?

      LB: Many New Hampshire liberty activists volunteered to create Liberty Ballot. We have two co-creators, a web developer, a graphic designer and dozens more involved with the recommendations.

      SLN: How is Liberty Ballot being funded?

      LB: Grassroots liberty activists are draining their bank accounts to make it easier for people to vote for liberty!

      SLN: What methodology was used to come up with your recommendations?

      LB: Since the types of races varied from county races to executive and legislative races, it was impossible to use a standardized type of methodology – such as that used by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA). Information from a large variety of groups and people was considered. The Liberty Ballot FAQ has a partial list of the organizations from which we derived information. For example, whenever possible, the NHLA score from the four most recent years a legislator served were averaged together.

      SLN: What are your plans for the future?

      LB: Our next step is to present the liberty recommendations for the general election in November.

      SLN: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Liberty Ballot?

      LB: Please tell your friends about Liberty Ballot. This is the first time this political technology has ever been used. Nationwide, statists are very upset with the New Hampshire liberty community for creating and using this technology to promote liberty candidates. Two years from now, this technology might be copied by statist organizations or even banned. This election might be the only one where liberty candidates have the advantage of this technology all to ourselves. Let’s not waste our one shot.
      by Published on 09-02-2014 10:13 PM

      Announcing LibertyBallot.com. For the first time ever, liberty activists have created sample ballots with the best candidate for every race already marked. Not sure how to vote in the Tuesday, September 9th, New Hampshire Republican Primary? Select your town from the drop-down menu and then click "Get Ballot". Take a photo of the ballot, save it to your phone, bring up the website in the voting booth or even print out a personal copy of the ballot. Voting for liberty can be complicated - make it easy with http://LibertyBallot.com.

      Since nothing like this has ever been done before, the effort is bound to raise some questions. Check out the Liberty Ballot FAQ or post below for answers to your questions.
      by Published on 08-26-2014 03:15 PM

      This thread is for information about and discussion related to the soft launch of http://LibertyBallot.com.

      The launch happened today because today is two weeks before the New Hampshire Primary. Another thread will be created somewhere else once the website is completely finished.

      What is Liberty Ballot?
      Liberty Ballot is a website designed to make it easy for the voters of our great state to figure out good candidates for every district.

      Have you made up your mind in all of the races yet? Voting for liberty can be complicated - make it easy with http://LibertyBallot.com! Just click on your town and then click “Get Ballot”. You will see a sample ballot filled out with a list of recommendations put together by dozens of New Hampshire liberty activists. Take a photo of the ballot, use your phone to bring it up while in the voting booth or even print out a copy for yourself. Some of the races have more than one good candidate. Use http://LibertyBallot.com as a jumping off point for your own research.

      Please remember that this is a soft launch. The website isn't finished. Feedback is welcome.

      by Published on 08-06-2014 05:41 AM
      Article Preview

      By Sharon Bernstein

      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Amir Zendehnam passionately supports marijuana legalization, same-sex marriage, abortion rights and the Republican Party.

      He is not alone. The 26-year-old aspiring restaurateur and chairman of the party's West Los Angeles central committee, is one of a raft of ethnically diverse young libertarians who hold seats in L.A. County’s huge GOP apparatus, injecting youthful energy into its operations at a time when the state’s Republican Party is nearly moribund.

      After winning control the executive board of the Los Angeles County Republican Party in December 2012, the “Liberty Kids,” as they call themselves, ...
      by Published on 08-04-2014 05:25 AM
      Article Preview

      The Cheshire Fair was pretty fun. 3 of the 4 Republican congressional candidates in the district showed up on Saturday. There was a JBS booth, a Bitcoin booth and a Republican Party booth mostly filled with liberty Republican volunteers. No other political-like booths, though. Free stater were at all three booths.

      Over 550 Bitcoin Flyers Distributed @ Cheshire Fair 2014
      by Ian | Aug 4, 2014

      Ian Freeman of Free Keene, Free Talk Like and Liberty Radio Network, Josie Wales of YouTube fame and infamous blogger Cantwell.

      Wow! What an amazing week at the Cheshire Fair! Sunday was (surprisingly) the busiest day at the fair of the entire week, ...
      by Published on 07-28-2014 01:37 PM

      I'm not trying to sensationalize by asking if Shem running for the NH House saved New Hampshire, just if it helped

      Shem Kellogg is running in the same New Hampshire district where according to the just released 2014 New Hampshire House Republican Alliance Scoresheet, a sitting Republican rep. has the lowest ranking of any Republican in the entire NH House. Yes, the lowest ranking for a Republican in the House. Not only did Rep. Hayes vote against how a Republican should vote a great deal of the time, he missed around half of the votes. Replacing him with someone that usually votes and votes like a good Republican will be very helpful for all of the people of New Hampshire!

      Is Rep. Hayes not seeking reelection because he knew he would have a very competitive ...
      by Published on 07-26-2014 07:24 PM

      Great news! Thank you Free State Project early mover for co-sponsoring this bill!

      Anti-Spying bill signed into law in New Hampshire

      Part of the article.

      CONCORD, N.H., July 24, 2014 – ...signed into law a bill that not only bans state and local law enforcement from searching an electronic device without a warrant, but also prohibits a small but important category of what the NSA has been doing with the warrantless data it collects.

      House Bill 1533 (HB1533) was passed unanimously by both legislative houses and was ultimately sent to Gov. Hassan’s desk last month. It bans government entities from searching “information contained in a portable electronic
      by Published on 07-21-2014 11:20 AM

      The federal government came up with a new plan to reduce the debt, increase the TSA flight security fee from $2.50-$5 to $5.60-$10. I'm sure families on vacation or traveling on holiday to see their extended families will love this. Of course, businesses travels will also have to pay billions in new fees/taxes because of this. That likely won't be good for the struggling economy... Thank you Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader and President Obama!

      TSA security fee on airline tickets rises Monday

      Transportation Security Administration fees on plane tickets are rising Monday, and travelers used to non-stop flights or long layovers will notice the biggest change.
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