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    by Published on 04-24-2015 11:20 AM

    good press from the Atlantic.

    Rand Paul almost has the superhero thing down. There’s his unlikely rise as a Tea Party champion. The family legacy pushing him to fight for free markets. Some shadowy questions lingering over his origin story. And crucially, the overarching quest for glory: On April 7, he announced his campaign for the White House. All he needs is some theme music, and maybe some larger guiding heroism.

    The Bluewater books are not partisan, but that doesn’t mean they pull their punches. The forthcoming book on Jeb Bush, for example, features the candidate nearly crushed under giant stone letters that spell out his family name. The Rand Paul comic reveals him as perhaps the edgiest character in the race for 2016, a figure who seems almost like a hero from an alt-universe—simply by showing him as he is.

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