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    by Published on 01-03-2014 07:21 PM

    BY ASHE SCHOW | JANUARY 3, 2014 AT 4:46 PM

    Libertarian lovers of Bitcoin have a new virtual currency to fawn over: RonPaulCoin.

    The digital currency named in honor of the popular libertarian and former member of Congress officially launched Dec. 29 and is looking for support.

    “I believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be the closest things to truly bring about the ideas that Ron Paul stands for,” Colin Hutchings, the creator of RonPaulCoin, said.

    Hutchings, who owns an online business and runs several websites, first became interested in Bitcoin in early 2013, having been a follower of Paul and his monetary policy relating to gold. When Bitcoin exploded in popularity, Hutchings decided to make his own cryptocurrency that commemorated Paul.


    RonPaulCoin is already getting some traction. It was added to the cryptocurrency exchange site CoinedUp on Friday, opening with the second-highest trading value on the market.

    RonPaulCoin, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, already has a following on the popular social-sharing website Reddit and its own subreddit, r/ronpaulcoin. The cryptocurrency also has its own Facebook page and Twitter account.


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