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    Montana Patriot

    What should the grassroots theme song be

    Thread Starter: Montana Patriot

    I personally like the following Lynerd Skynerd Red,White and Blue or Chris Cagle You might want to think about

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    Action Alert: Tell Your Federal Rep. To Join The Cannabis Caucus

    Thread Starter: CaseyJones


    Last Post By: CaseyJones 01-20-2017, 04:57 PM Go to last post

    Action Alert: Thomas Massie for USPTO Director!

    Thread Starter: CaseyJones

    America Needs Startup Experience in the USPTO Director http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2017/01/18/america-needs-startup-experience-uspto-director/id=77194/

    Last Post By: Matt Collins 01-20-2017, 08:29 AM Go to last post

    Maidsafe encrypted internet beta is up! Lets test it!

    Thread Starter: ChristianAnarchist

    I downloaded the app and installed it with a "blog" service that I don't have properly running yet. If others here are interested in exploring what we can do with this new platform lets use this thread to report progress. I've just started so there's not much progress to report. I'm not even sure how to configure my new blog yet. Maybe I can simply copy all the files from my old blog?? I'm...

    Last Post By: kpitcher 01-19-2017, 11:59 PM Go to last post

    Liberty Memes

    Thread Starter: LibertyClick

    :toady: ** post your liberty memes here ** :toady: I'm hoping for some good ones to post: http://www.libertyclick.org/tag/meme/

    Last Post By: HitoKichi 01-19-2017, 02:42 PM Go to last post
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    Rand Paul on Morning Joe 1/20

    Thread Starter: jct74


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    Ron Paul weighs in on Trump's inauguration - CNBC 1/19

    Thread Starter: jct74


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    Executive Power In The Age Of Trump

    Thread Starter: jct74


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    Rand Paul Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

    Thread Starter: jct74

    read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/obamacare-repeal-trump-rand-paul-233351 -------- A Health-Care Plan the GOP Could Get Behind by Michael Tanner - January 11, 2017

    Last Post By: Anti Federalist Yesterday, 02:37 PM Go to last post
  • 2016 Presidential Election


    Clinton Foundation - Pedophile Sex Ring

    Thread Starter: ApathyCuredRP

    WIKILEAKS JUST DID IT ! They connected Clintons to pedophile ring. Developing... Laura Silsby! It is happening. FBI / Wikileaks are working together. The_Donald sub reddit is leading the charge. BE A PART OF HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to twitter - Wikileaks account. I can't access on work computer. I saw the feed on mobile twitter.

    Last Post By: staerker Yesterday, 10:29 AM Go to last post
    John F Kennedy III

    I can't get enough SJW tears

    Thread Starter: John F Kennedy III

    I've spent the last 30+ hours on YouTube and Fedbook watching this insane meltdown. They've gone from criticising Trump for saying he won't accept election results, to themselves not accepting the results. It's racist that Trump wants to build a wall, but now they want to build a wall separating CA, OR, WA and NV from the rest of the US. Oh yeah and millions of racist messages saying $#@! white...

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    Stefan Molyneux Defends Trump on "Terrorist families" Remark and Others

    Thread Starter: dannno

    Not really interested in the knee-jerk reactions to his explanation without actually listening to it. I had thought this was one of the worst statements Trump made, but I do now generally agree that this whole notion people are yammering on about Trump going after children and grandparents of terrorists is total bull$#@!, that isn't what he said he was going to do, that is something that people...

    Last Post By: dannno 01-18-2017, 01:40 AM Go to last post

    Boycott the elections

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    From the start it were only Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump in the spotlight (even in Europe they get shoved down our throat), and because nobody will vote for any politician they don’t know, it’s the media that decides who wins. Last July 26, Hillary accepted the official nomination, while a few days earlier Trump became the nominee for the Democrat-Republicans. You cannot seriously...

    Last Post By: Firestarter Today, 10:08 AM Go to last post

    Donald Trump is a false flag

    Thread Starter: katsung47

    Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds.(1) (4/30/2016) I say so because in this campaign there is a lot of comedy show done by S.S.G.. Those rallies, either for trump or against him, have the purpose to raise his popularity. What is S.S.G.?

    Last Post By: katsung47 01-19-2017, 11:44 AM Go to last post

    Glenn Greenwald: Media is 100% United To Stop Trump

    Thread Starter: AuH20

    Greenwald is uncomfortable with this ruthless frenzy: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/15/glenn-greenwald-u-s-media-essentially-100-percent-united-donald-trump/

    Last Post By: angelatc 01-16-2017, 07:03 PM Go to last post

    Trump Thinks Obama Says ‘ISIL’ Instead of ‘ISIS’ Because He Wants to ‘Bother People’

    Thread Starter: timosman


    Last Post By: enhanced_deficit 01-17-2017, 11:18 PM Go to last post
  • General News & Politics


    Women's March

    Thread Starter: goldenequity


    Last Post By: timosman Today, 10:27 AM Go to last post

    Bill Submitted to withdraw the US from the UN: the 'American Sovereignty Restoration Act'

    Thread Starter: goldenequity

    The Int'l Spectator ►UNITED STATES: Bill to withdraw the US from the United Nations has been submitted to Congress as the 'American Sovereignty Restoration Act' Rep. Mike Rogers, AL (D) https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/193/text?format=txt

    Last Post By: goldenequity Today, 10:17 AM Go to last post

    What is going to be Obama's legacy?

    Thread Starter: enhanced_deficit

    Vote. Correction: Choices #4 & #10 shoud be read as: (#4) More wars and destruction, Drone war (#10) Bad Good Economic & trade policies

    Last Post By: staerker Today, 09:33 AM Go to last post

    Trump attends interfaith inaugural service with Islamic Imam's recitation of Quran

    Thread Starter: enhanced_deficit

    If this news is confirmed by other sources, Trump was just anti-Obama but not anti all muslims as MSM repeatedly claimed? Imam delivers message to Trump at inaugural service By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor Updated 4:58 PM ET, Sat January 21, 2017 Imam sends message to Trump at inaugural service 00:58

    Last Post By: timosman Today, 08:35 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Cummins diesel and Dodge accused of emissions "cheating"

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    And Now Cummins. . . http://ericpetersautos.com/2016/11/16/and-now-cummins/ By eric - November 16, 2016 It takes a lot for a major car company or engine manufacturer to deliberately circumvent a regulatory fatwa. As policy. Not a “rogue engineer.” The entire engineering department; the upstairs bosses… everyone in on it. It is happening a lot lately.

    Last Post By: timosman Today, 08:28 AM Go to last post

    Donald Trump signs executive order on Obamacare

    Thread Starter: dude58677


    Last Post By: timosman Today, 08:21 AM Go to last post

    On His Way Out the Door, Obama Bombs Libya One Last Time

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    On His Way Out the Door, Obama Bombs Libya One Last Time At least 80 people were killed in a strike approved by the president earlier this week without congressional approval

    Last Post By: vita3 Today, 07:27 AM Go to last post

    Trump Inauguration Attendance 2017: How Many People Watched Donald Trump Get Sworn In As Presi

    Thread Starter: Zippyjuan


    Last Post By: unknown Today, 06:17 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    How we got to here

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    You can thank "mad moms" and "protesting pussies", for a great deal of it, the likes of which are out in force around the world today. How We Got To Here http://ericpetersautos.com/2017/01/21/how-we-got-to-here/ By eric - January 21, 2017 America is in trouble because Americans got lazy. Not so much physically but morally. They began to care more about some passing thing than about...

    Last Post By: NorthCarolinaLiberty Today, 04:17 AM Go to last post

    Is Sean Spicer the new Baghdad Bob?

    Thread Starter: 69360

    Was that press conference odd or what? This is going to be a crazy 4 years. https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-slams-shameful-tweets-for-downplaying-trumps-inaugural-crowd-size-232820494.html

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    Lawful money (redeem your fed notes)

    Thread Starter: eredeath


    Last Post By: David Merrill Yesterday, 11:24 PM Go to last post

    Peter Schiff 'Before Obama Leaves Office' Prediction

    Thread Starter: toathis

    Last Post By: AZJoe Yesterday, 10:57 PM Go to last post

    Bitcoin Back Up To $1000

    Thread Starter: anaconda

    Sell price is $1000 here on New Years Day 2017 at around 1:20 PM Pacific time. https://www.coinbase.com/charts

    Last Post By: RonPaulIsGreat Yesterday, 09:21 PM Go to last post

    Schiff thinks Trump deficits will be huge.

    Thread Starter: Madison320

    Peter Schiff just wrote an article predicting big deficits under Trump. He thinks the driver of the deficits will be Trump and the republicans will go along. I think deficits will rise but not for the same reason. I think the republicans will want to boost spending but there's a chance Trump will be against them. If someone like Jeb Bush was elected I'd be 100% certain that we'd be in for massive...

    Last Post By: Krugminator2 Yesterday, 08:05 PM Go to last post

    The Budget; 9 Trillion in new spending, thanks republicans

    Thread Starter: Origanalist

    (If there's a thread on this already please merge.) This is the bottom line on government growth, the more they spend the bigger they get and the smaller you become. So what gain is there to electing republicans if they are going to outspend the dems? This crap has me pissed off. Here is a graph from a Justin Amash email, (one of only 9 to vote against, roll call here...

    Last Post By: oyarde Yesterday, 02:49 PM Go to last post

    The Litepresence Report on Cryptocurrency

    Thread Starter: presence

    CLICK HERE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION I've had multiple requests to create a unified location for my charts, predictions, forecasts, etc. so here it is. I'll update the thread whenever I'm trading. You can chat w/ me live at the btce trollbox. Best of luck my friends!

    Last Post By: presence Yesterday, 02:09 PM Go to last post
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    Dr Paul questions the CDC vaccine guidelines

    Thread Starter: brandon

    Clickbait title... Some strange twist of life events has led me to being a giant fan of youtube videos from Dr. Paul Thomas. = Check out his channel. He's a really great engaging pediatrician who has me questioning the CDC vaccine schedule. Wanna see some ear wax removed?:

    Last Post By: Firestarter Yesterday, 05:23 AM Go to last post

    Blood Type Diet

    Thread Starter: Suzanimal

    I've decided to give it a shot. I thought about a month but I think I'm going to start with a week, per Ender's recommendation, and see how it goes first. I don't expect to see health benefits in a week but my energy should be up - I've been dragging ass lately. I'm not sure if it's a lazy spell or what but I've been a sloth. Anyway, I figure there's no time like the present so I start today....

    Last Post By: Suzanimal 01-19-2017, 11:51 PM Go to last post

    Where would you settle, if at all

    Thread Starter: LibForestPaul

    If you had $X amt of savings, would you pack up (give up US citizenship) to another country, and which country would you settle on? If you could live/retire in any state, which would you pick, and why? And, which state do you believe is currently the "free-est" based on(in order) - schooling laws, property laws(castle doctrine), pensions (lack of or fully funded), taxes...

    Last Post By: oyarde 01-19-2017, 08:22 PM Go to last post
  • Education & Thought Power


    The Cult of U.S. ‘Leadership’

    Thread Starter: Origanalist

    By DANIEL LARISON • January 5, 2017 John Glaser explains why it is misguided to worry about the lack of a U.S. role in the latest round of Syria negotiations: Much of the handwringing in Washington over Russia’s leadership in the negotiations centers on a fear that America might be demoted in its status as the indispensable nation if a geopolitical competitor like Russia successfully...

    Last Post By: timosman Today, 10:20 AM Go to last post

    Golden rule of the government.

    Thread Starter: timosman

    You have to $#@! people really hard. The harder you $#@!, the more they love you. Who will they turn to? Nobody! These $#@!s depend on us completely. :D

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    Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs

    Thread Starter: timosman

    Last Post By: osan Today, 10:10 AM Go to last post

    Can the cities start rasing the drinking age ?

    Thread Starter: Chomp

    Well. As we see that the many cities such as Boston, NYC, others took power to raise smoking to 21 ignoring the laws of the states. So, why can't the cities to do the next step to raise the drinking age from 21 to 25 by ignoring states laws including unconstitutional MLDA 21 Act of 1984 signed by President Ronald Reagan ? Don't you know that 21 years old adults always hook up with 18-20 year old...

    Last Post By: osan Today, 09:51 AM Go to last post

    Is One-World Government Mala In Sé?

    Thread Starter: osan

    I am watching "Things To Come" for about the 4,179th time. It is a most interesting film - curious one, as well. There is a line where the Boss declares, "we're an independent sovereign state". Cabal retorts, "we don't approve of independent sovereign states", a clear indication of a one-world government bent. This has raised the same question for me many times, so why not pose it here: Is...

    Last Post By: timosman Today, 09:45 AM Go to last post

    Tired of Bleeding

    Thread Starter: presence


    Last Post By: osan Today, 08:37 AM Go to last post
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