• hard@work

    by Published on 02-14-2011 04:00 PM

    I had to stop by and say "hello", and hope to remind some that there are those of us who had our time to make impacts pass - but still watch, and wait. And we are standing ready to act again, as eager and passionate as ever. That even though we had not won we were not defeated. And that time is as life is transient, but powerful ideas and common dreams are not. So many of us have watched and waited while so many of you have participated and fought on. And as we have seen new energy and new growth in the tens of thousands, I'm sure many would agree with me in wishing to remind us all:

    There are one hundred thousand of us standing by who although not readily visible, never surrendered.

    I had a lot of fun fighting for Liberty last time around. And this time I'm ready to put in twice the effort.

    Shameless self bump for freedom, and fun.

    Ron Paul 2012
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