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    by Published on 05-29-2011 11:27 PM

    I feel what its going to take for us to not only win the white house but the future of this country is for us freedom fighters to become the best we can be. I don't ever see us being the majority but that has nothing to do with winning. What im suggesting is we all start living better. We should eat better, treat each other better, and put all the effort we can into making and doing what ever it is we do the best possible. We have to step up and lead.

    This can be done in many ways but i have an idea that some of us may want to consider. If its not for you thats fine just keep the nay saying to yourself please.

    I suggest all of us smokers out there do what we can to quit and these are some reasons why.

    > we are voluntarily paying taxes to the man. Would Jefferson put up with this?

    > for every buck we save by quiting we can put it towards the campaign.

    > Health reasons

    > we have a network of people to fall back on and talk to each other about it. We can tally up money saved and time i guess.

    This could become something very cool and i don't want this thread to turn into a smoking debate. Thats not my goal. Its just an idea that would not cost a dime, bring people together, free up resources, set an example, and make us all just a bit healthier.

    I Quit on Feb 3rd for this reason exactly and have been saving 5 bucks a day (what i spent on smokes) for money bombs and trips to LPAC, and other such stuff.

    Some old dude said we have to be the change we want to see. Any one out their what to make this part of the freedom movement???

    Stop paying the man what you don't have too. Lets all help each other. I don't know what do you guys think?

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