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      by Published on 08-01-2014 12:38 PM

      Senate Democrats Introduce Gun Confiscation Bill

      The danger of the Gun Homicide Prevention Act9 lies in who gets to determine what qualifies as an act of “domestic violence.” The government.

      Big government could say that getting into a heated argument that makes your spouse shed a few tears is an act of domestic violence, giving them the right to come into your home and confiscate your firearms.

      The government can also make changes to the legislation and alter definitions over time to make the bill say whatever they want it to say, giving them more and more license to take your guns.

      Constituents across the country need to band together and oppose this legislation, putting pressure on senators and representatives not to support this measure. Freedom to own a gun is critical to the preservation of liberty in America, so any threat to this right needs to be fought tooth-and-nail.

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