• satchelmcqueen

    by Published on 02-04-2015 11:50 AM

    yep thats right folks. couldnt afford healthcare last year until my wife started working too. we got it through her employer in august. it was a lot cheaper than would have been through mine.

    just got hit with a $286 "shared responsibility tax" iirc was the wording.

    so once again, i didnt give in to the obamacare bs and sign up last year. i never will. even if i lose my ins now or decide i dont want it, i still will not comply. i guess thats the price for having principals. and it looks like next year we will be paying around $2000 because we might make ...wait for it....$56,000 together! never in my life have i felt so raped and f---ing ashamed and blind sided than i do right now, and its going to get worse. some people have it worse, but thats not ...
    by Published on 09-21-2013 08:48 PM

    Me and the other janitor at school was told yesterday that they are going to do a trial run with an outside cleaning company to outsource our jobs. we were told by a man who makes around $200,000 a year (the superintendent) that they have to do this in order to save $35k a year. he said it was going to take a crew of 4 men or more per day over the course of the school hours AND during the night to clean the same as we do in 1 eight hr day. so wow to that! neither one of us even take out school insurance either.

    He said it was more to do with getting rid of the benefit costs, mostly health insurance, that the school provides. he said that even though we dont have insurance through the school, others do. and therefore they are required to offer it to everyone and it is just going to get to expensive to continue.
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