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    by Published on 06-08-2016 11:57 AM

    Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds, Dead for 8 Minutes, Now Facing a Lifetime of Recovery

    by Nick Berardini, Matt Stroud
    June 7 2016

    THE SENTENCING HEARING began with a surprise. Timothy Runnels, a 32-year-old former Independence, Missouri, police officer, sat at a large, rectangular defense table inside Courtroom 8B at the Charles Evans Whittaker Federal Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, late last month. He was waiting to learn his fate after pleading guilty to a federal crime he committed almost two years ago, on September 14, 2014. Judge Dean Whipple had not yet watched the government’s key piece of evidence — a dashboard video — because he wanted to do so with attorneys present to make arguments. Today the video, which had never been played in any public setting, would be played in open court. Even the victim, 18-year-old Bryce Masters, had seen it only once.

    As the video opens we see a gray Pontiac enter the frame, and Bryce’s dad, Matt, put his hand on his son’s knee. His mom, Stacy, folded her arms, clutching a tissue. Tears began to form in both his parents’ eyes, anticipating what everyone else in the room was about to see. Unfazed, Bryce leaned his 6-foot-1-inch frame forward, his eyes focused on the makeshift projector. He knew this piece of evidence absolved him of any wrongdoing.

    In the video, Runnels pulls Bryce over and approaches the car. He tells Bryce to get out but doesn’t give a reason. Bryce repeatedly asks if he is under arrest. Runnels says, “You’re under arrest. Get your ass out of the car,” and attempts to pull him out by force. He then tases Bryce for 23 seconds, handcuffs him, drags the boy’s body behind the car, and deliberately drops him face first onto the asphalt road. Runnels may not have known it at the time, but Bryce was going into cardiac arrest. When the loud thud of the drop boomed throughout the courtroom, gasps echoed out. One woman looked down and covered her eyes with her hand. A man said, “Oh, my god.” A police officer with the Kansas City Police Department quickly brought his fist to his mouth, turned to the man next to him, and whispered, “Jesus.” Even those sitting behind the defendant — a few friends, his wife, his family — gasped, as if the recording revealed a truth about Runnels they had never considered.

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    by Published on 06-27-2015 06:30 PM

    Donate here: https://secure.randpaul.com/?june-30&sr=rhf062615r1
    Fellow Conservative:

    The press is ready to write the stories about "inevitable" candidates and their special interest big bucks.

    A strong fundraising quarter will fire a shot across the bow of anyone who believes the Presidency is determined by "whose turn it is."

    And with polls showing me leading Hillary Clinton in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania there is one question on everyone's mind...

    Do I have the grassroots muscle to win?

    Please chip in a contribution of $20.16 before the June 30th fundraising deadline to help to make the answer to that question a loud and clear "YES!"
    by Published on 10-21-2014 05:26 AM

    Dog bites man, that's not news. Man bites dog, now that's news. Or so goes the old newspaper adage, and we see it manifested all the time. Take this latest video clip for example. While it wouldn't usually be news to see a cop pulling over a motorist, seeing a motorist pulling over a cop and asking to see ID is another matter entirely. continued...
    by Published on 10-13-2014 07:17 AM

    There's been a few things this year that have moved me to donate cash to people that have been victimized by the state.
    I'm a tightwad, this is new to me.
    But it makes me think, as a group we could really inflict some pain and suffering on the state. Think of Shaneen Allen. She had broad support, but some of that was RPF sending donations and hassling the prosecutor. She was probably saved of 3-10 years of jail time by people like you and I sending $10 and phoning the dirty rats in NJ.

    What are your top issues? Are there causes that you could really get behind to donate time or money?
    A RPF project could address a top issue by 1) identifying a top cause 2) defining a scope that RPF could accomplish 3) executing and 4) reporting results.

    Take the case of Baby Bou for instance. The 18 m/o baby boy was blown up in a SWAT raid. RPF is pretty good about bumping posts and maybe even sending a few bucks to help with medical expenses. But what about taking it a step further? Maybe buying a billboard to shame the Sheriff? What about organizing a protest to draw more media attention?

    Would you be interested? What are your top causes?
    by Published on 08-06-2014 09:50 AM

    My township just passed a 7.5 Mill millage, most of which goes to the police. In the days prior to the election I received a flyer in the mail from the township urging me to vote for the millage. This is in direct violation of MI campaign finance laws.
    How do I go about overturning this? I know the first step is to find that flyer!
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    Independence Day Under Dictatorship

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    Herd Immunity Here? So Why Are They Feeding The Panic?

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    July 2, 2020 Several recent studies suggest that we are closer to "herd immunity" for Covid-19 than previously thought. Former CDC head Scott Gottleib said Covid would be gone by January because most people will have been exposed. Yet officials across the country are implementing policies that PREVENT this needed immunity! They are trying to keep healthy people apart. What's their game....

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    Cancel Freedom! Half The US Returning To Shutdown

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    So Some GOP Senators are debating whatever Columbus Day Should be replaced with Juneteenth a day that supposdely ended slavery over Columbus Day. In other Neocons and Democrats hate American Italians and Southern Europeans. You know at this rate they might just change Christmas as well for all i care now :rolleyes:

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    (FULL VIDEO) Woman Pulls Gun on Beligerent Mom and Daughter in Chipotle Parking Lot

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    (FULL VIDEO) Woman Pulls Gun on Beligerent Mom and Daughter in Chipotle Parking Lot

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    Protesters Blocking Entrance to Mount Rushmore for Trump July 4th Event

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    Democrats Already Making Up Excuses For 2020 Lose?

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    Say some Trump is on the verge on losing if that is true then why are Democrats Already Making Up Excuses For a possible 2020 Lose by the democrats by claiming that Trump wouldn't accpet the 2020 results? When considering democrats and liberals and their allies themselves didn't accpet the results of the 2016 election why should anyone believe what newsweek or the media says at this point?

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    Twitter engineers replacing racially loaded tech terms like 'master,' 'slave'

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    The Stupidity Marches forward! whats next demand sex companies and sex studios and gaming companies not to use words like slaves or masters in their video game or stories because they are offensive? If Joe Biden wins Expect more words banned! Twitter engineers replacing racially loaded tech terms like 'master,' 'slave'

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    Refusal to Talk with Contact Tracers a Crime?

    Thread Starter: PAF

    by Michael S. Rozeff Prior to arrest of a suspect of a crime, “The officer is free to ask questions before an arrest, but must inform the suspect that the questioning is voluntary and that he or she is free to leave at any time.” “After placing the suspect under arrest, the officer will say something similar to, ‘You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used...

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    Palestinians file ICC complaint against Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu over annexation

    Thread Starter: enhanced_deficit

    Another test in foreign policy handling, GOP-Adelson wing doesn't seem to catch a break lately. No real risk of any political crisis though. This shouldn't be seen as a sliverlining necessarily but record suggests that well funded ICC generally has been pretty responsible and all the alleged 'war criminals' it has convicted have been from poor African countries (going by old media reports). ...

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    Globalist USMCA Enters Into Force

    Thread Starter: PAF

    01 July 2020 The first week of July is typically a joyful occasion, with Americans celebrating their nation’s independence on July 4 and Canadians celebrating Canada Day on July 1. This year, July 1 also marks the first day that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) goes into force, replacing the original 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and economically...

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    On 7 April, the Forbes story that lots of billionaires lost lots of money from the coronavirus “pandemic” was widely (re)published by our wonderful media? It looks like Forbes intentionally selected 18 March as the best date to push this propaganda. Chuck Collins commented: In the same month that 22 million Americans lost their jobs (with US employment rate coming close to 15%), American...

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    Sunday 6/21/2020 11:30PM: Gold at 1678.40 in after-hours trading (+15.40)

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    Is gold finally going to break out above 1770? I suspect it will be barely positive (or maybe in the red) by market open tomorrow. https://kingworldnews.com/why-are-they-so-afraid-of-gold-breaking-above-1770/

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    Bank of America Stock Nearing $5 Danger Zone

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    I started a long term project late last year to design and build a small scale combined heat and power steam engine system fueled by wood (and other biomass fuels). I've been derelict on the project for several months now, and I am just getting back into it. So, I figured I would start a thread to document any worthwhile progress. Please note this is a LONG TERM project that will advance SLOWLY...

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    It is gonna be a cold winter.

    Thread Starter: Danke

    This fall the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief Oyarde if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he’d never learned the old tribal secrets. He couldn’t look at the sky to predict what the winter was going to be like. "It's going to be a very cold winter." So just to be on the safe side, Oyarde told his tribe that the...

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    Drugs profits for Oil wars

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    I found an interesting book that describes the “War by drugs”- Peter Dale Scott “Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina” (2003): https://ourrebellion.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/book-the-us-in-afghanistan-colombia-and-indo-china.pdf It is 16 GB to download (I’ve saved it as a text document at 0.5 GB)… My very short summary of the Peter Dale Scott book is...

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    The Conservative Surrender# Tom Woods & Paul Gottfried

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    Dr. Baldwin's 6/5/2020 Interview with Hrvoje on the Geopolitics & Empire

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    June 2020 Dr. Chuck Baldwin discusses America's turn toward tyranny and why he thinks Trump is, in reality, a globalist Trojan Horse. He touches on the riots, the 2nd American Civil War, potential for war with China, and what solutions exist to restore liberty. ...

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