• phill4paul

    by Published on 12-16-2017 12:45 PM

    Guess the old adage "Can't spend what you ain't got, can't lose what you never had" doesn't apply here....

    Has Our Government Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Money Without Telling Us?

    I am co-authoring this column with Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at Michigan State University.

    “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” ~ Article I, Section 9, Clause 7, The US Constitution

    On July 26, 2016, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report “Army General Fund Adjustments Not Adequately Documented or Supported”. The report indicates
    by Published on 09-05-2017 12:41 PM

    Ahead of Hurricane Irma the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Island has activated the National Guard to seize arms, ammunition, explosives and incendiary devices.

    U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an emergency order allowing the seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives and property the National Guard may need to respond to Hurricane Irma.

    Mapp signed the order Monday in preparation for Hurricane Irma. The order allows the Adjutant General of the Virgin Islands to seize private property they believe necessary to protect the islands, subject to approval by the territory’s Justice Department.

    Mapp issued an emergency declaration Tuesday and mobilized National Guard units to prepare for the massive storm.
    by Published on 03-20-2017 04:30 PM

    NEW YORK — In a stunning lawsuit seeking to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for 9/11, the families of 800 victims have filed a lawsuit accusing the Saudis of complicity in the worst terror attacks on American soil.
    The legal action, filed in federal court in Manhattan, details a scenario of involvement by Saudi officials who are said to have aided some of the hijackers before the attacks.

    Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals and three of them had previously worked for the kingdom.

    The document details how officials from Saudi embassies supported hijackers Salem al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar 18 months before 9/11.

    The officials allegedly helped them find apartments, learn English and obtain credit cards and cash. The documents state
    by Published on 03-19-2017 12:00 PM

    Thanks Rand! Civil Asset forfeiture needs to be addressed...

    “The federal government has made it far too easy for government agencies to take and profit from the property of those who have not been convicted of a crime,” Paul’s statement read. “The FAIR Act will protect Americans’ Fifth Amendment rights from being infringed upon by ensuring that government agencies no longer profit from taking the property of U.S. citizens without due process.”
    by Published on 03-17-2017 07:23 PM

    A bill introduced in the Oregon Senate would require state courts to fully inform jurors of their right to use discretion when rendering verdicts in felony trials.

    Sen. Kim Thatcher (R – Keizer) introduced Senate Bill 924 (SB924) on March 2. The legislation would require the court to instruct the jury before the beginning of deliberations in all felony cases using the following language.

    “As jurors, if you feel that a conviction would not be a fair or just result in this case, it is within your power to find the defendant not guilty even if you find that the state has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    Failure to provide the instruction would result in a mistrial.
    by Published on 11-09-2016 05:42 PM

    By Ron Paul
    Wed November 9, 2016

    (CNN) — "Populism" was one of the big buzzwords of this election cycle. It was largely attached to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, with both candidates referred to as "populists" despite having distinctly different political philosophies. Still, they both used the approach -- with success -- to tap into the deep dissatisfaction of the average American voter. For Donald Trump, populism has paid off well: In a shock to the political establishment, Trump has ridden populism straight to the White House. But we must understand what populism is really all about.

    Populism has traditionally been understood to include trade protectionism, low interest rates, and government welfare to the poor and middle classes. The philosophy is meant to appeal to the common person, as opposed to establishment elites. Populism has historically seen a revival when economic conditions have deteriorated for the average person while the elites continue to prosper.

    Demagogues rush to use the dreadful economic conditions to their political advantage. However, the solutions offered by so many opportunistic politicians aren't really solutions at all. The proposals are always laced with promises that government will "do something" to fix the problem.

    Unfortunately, most people still fail to understand that the economic pain they are suffering is the government's doing in the first place. Government monetary, economic and trade policies lie at the root of the problem. The lack of a free market, sound money and genuine private property rights inhibit the return of economic prosperity. This widespread lack of understanding leads those who fall for the siren song of populism down a road of perpetual disappointment.

    by Published on 11-06-2016 03:05 PM

    Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election

    Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted voting rights to as many as 60,000 convicted felons just in time for them to register to vote, nearly five times more than previously reported and enough to win the state for his long-time friend, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    McAuliffe sought to allow all of Virginia’s estimated 200,000 felons to vote, but state courts said each individual felon’s circumstances must be weighed. To get around that, McAuliffe used a mechanical autopen to rapidly sign thousands of letters, as if he had personally reviewed them, even as his office was saying the total was 13,000.

    Now, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned that McAuliffe — who managed Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign — churned out five times as many letters before the registration deadline than publicly claimed.

    Virginia’s recent political history has seen multiple races that were decided by tiny margins. The 2014 U.S. Senate race, for example, was decided by only 17,000 votes, while the attorney general’s race came down to a mere 165 votes.

    McAuliffe is a close friend of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, even personally guaranteeing a loan for the purchase of their Chappaqua, New York, mansion in 1999. He also served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee where he was a prodigious fund raiser.

    The Virginia chief executive claimed to have “no idea” how felons would vote and said he had never thought about it, even though their Democratic leanings are well-known. Clinton’s staff emailed him after the 200,000-voters move to call it a “great announcement” and set up a call about it.

    McAuliffe also did a major favor for the wife of a senior FBI executive who was running for a Virginia legislative seat at the same time the bureau was investigating Clinton’s use of private email addresses and a home-brew server to conduct the official diplomatic business of the U.S.
    Those who received McAuliffe’s letter also got voter registration forms with pre-paid return postage. No others in Virginia received such a service.
    More: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/06/ex...wing-election/
    by Published on 05-05-2016 02:43 PM

    Electronic cigarettes and premium cigars will now be regulated the same way as tobacco cigarettes and regular cigars, according to a new federal rule issued on Thursday.

    Under the rule, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have to approve all tobacco products not currently regulated that hit stores after February 2007. The e-cigarette industry was virtually non-existent before then.

    Premium, hand-rolled cigars would also be included in the new regulation.This final rule also prohibits the sale of "covered tobacco products" to individuals under the age of 18 and requires the display of health warnings on cigarette tobacco, roll-your own tobacco, and covered tobacco product packages and in advertisements.

    The Tobacco Control Act of
    by Published on 12-19-2015 12:25 PM

    I'm just gonna start this thread. I don't have the many skills that other members do when it comes to graphic memes or short video creations.

    I'm just humbly asking that some might be interested in stepping up.

    Rand is pushing an Audit the Fed bill.

    How many people do you know that actually understands what his means?

    So here I'd like to create some objectives and some out come.

    What can we do to saturate social media with the reason WHY the Fed needs auditing.

    I'd propose that for the next week we hash out definitions and strategy. Next week those that have the skills to create memes, twitters and videos do there stuff. And then we role it out.

    Just an open forum discussion on the viability or need tonight. Thoughts?
    by Published on 07-24-2015 02:25 PM

    The Army has warned its recruiters to treat the gun-toting civilians gathering at centers across the country in the wake of the Chattanooga, Tenn., shooting as a security threat.

    Soldiers should avoid anyone standing outside the recruiting centers attempting to offer protection and report them to local law enforcement and the command if they feel threatened, according to a U.S. Army Recruiting Command policy letter issued Monday.
    “I’m sure the citizens mean well, but we cannot assume this in every case and we do not want to advocate this behavior,” according to the Army Command Operations Center-Security Division letter, which was authenticated by the service.

    Recruiters were ordered not to interact or acknowledge the armed civilians, who have been
    by Published on 07-07-2015 03:30 PM

    A western Michigan woman heads to court Tuesday after being arrested for failing to renew her dog’s license.

    Becky Rehr says she drove to the Kalamazoo County sheriff’s office June 23 to prove that she’s recently renewed the license for the family’s 11-year-old dog, Dexter. Rehr’s 14-year-old daughter waited in the car as her mother was arrested, fingerprinted and held for three hours, The Kalamazoo Gazette said.

    “They frisked me and put me in this intake cell with all these inmates in orange jumpsuits,” Rehr said. “I was pretty nervous.”

    Failure to license a dog is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $100 fine.

    County animal control Director Steve Lawrence said his office gave the 47-year-old Cooper Township woman numerous phone,
    by Published on 07-07-2015 02:25 PM

    A SMALL private firm in the US has developed a surveillance system of Orwellian proportions that could very well be the future of big brother.

    Thirty kilometres above a chosen city, a plane hangs out of sight of the thousands of people scurrying below — continuously circling the metropolis underneath. Every second, the plane takes a photo of the entire city and all the happenings within a 64sq km radius. The images are beamed down to a control centre where they create what is akin to a real-time Google map of everything taking place.

    When a crime occurs, teams of analysts simply scroll back in time to the scene of the incident and identify those involved. From that point, they can follow the target by clicking forward through the images to the present moment and
    by Published on 06-18-2015 07:40 AM

    A Huntsville man joined the military to fight for our rights, but now he says his own rights are being threatened.

    SLIDESHOW: Couple's 'off the grid' home

    A veteran and his girlfriend said their home was deemed 'unsafe' by city officials because they choose to live by self-sufficient means.MORE
    Tyler Truitt and his girlfriend Soraya Hamar are currently living within city limits but without city utilities.

    Huntsville officials said that's not allowed. The city filed a lawsuit against Truitt and Hamar, calling their self-sufficient lifestyle unsafe.

    The couple says they'd rather be arrested than leave their land.

    "We live out here off the grid, 100 percent self-sustaining,"
    by Published on 04-18-2015 07:40 AM

    The Third Amendment, which guards against the quartering of soldiers in citizens’ homes – and which came into being because of the abuse of British troops against American patriots – has just been dinged by a judge who ruled the provision doesn’t apply to police.

    In essence, that means police on official business could claim the legal right to bust into a private citizen’s home and occupy it.

    The determination from federal district court Judge Andrew Gordon was rendered when he dismissed a Third Amendment claim from a Henderson, Nevada, family who suffered that very fate.

    Anthony Mitchell and his parents Michael and Linda Mitchell sued the City of Henderson and several police agents in federal court for a July 2011 incident they described in court
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    Rph 2020

    Thread Starter: UtahApocalypse

    I hear by ask, and nominate that our own "Ron Paul Hawaii" Micheal run for president in 2020 :) He by far represents the liberty movement, and has sacrificed much more than any of us to try and preserve our nation.

    Last Post By: Aratus 06-21-2018, 09:52 AM Go to last post
    Galileo Galilei

    I will be on the world famous Power Hour radio program today from 3-5 pm central time

    Thread Starter: Galileo Galilei

    I will be on the world famous Power Hour radio program today from 3-5 pm central time to discuss explosive news regarding spygate, the deep state, and the IG report. The New World Order is coming to an end thanks to President Trump! Please don't miss it, tune in here: https://powerhournation.com/todays-guests-host-james-fetzer-w-guest-rolf-lindgren/

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    US Quits UN Human Rights Council - Should We Cheer?

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    US Quits UN Human Rights Council - Should We Cheer?

    Last Post By: osan Yesterday, 10:09 PM Go to last post

    Say what you want, Rand gets ish done.

    Thread Starter: eleganz

    I'm a simple libertarian, its not a zero sum game for me, I'm good with incremental progress and feel thankful that we have Rand, Amash and Massie in there. Its going to be great finally being able to get some health insurance after boycotting Ocare all these years. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/trump-and-sen-rand-paul-lead-the-way-on-healthcare-reform

    Last Post By: timosman Yesterday, 07:57 PM Go to last post

    Bombs Away! US Airstrikes Every 12 Minutes?

    Thread Starter: RonZeplin

    Bombs Away! US Airstrikes Every 12 Minutes? Written by Daniel McAdams Thursday June 21, 2018 President Trump is dropping bombs at a record pace. Even though the US is technically not at war, in the first year of the Trump Administration some 44,000 bombs were dropped...

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana Yesterday, 07:31 PM Go to last post

    Border "Crisis" - Is It All About The Children...Or Hatred Of Trump?

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Border "Crisis" - Is It All About The Children...Or Hatred Of Trump?

    Last Post By: Brian4Liberty Yesterday, 04:02 PM Go to last post

    Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home (UPDATE: 6 broken ribs)

    Thread Starter: Brett85

    http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/358782-rand-paul-assaulted-at-kentucky-home-police#.Wf4cJF_xlfM.facebook -- update:

    Last Post By: eleganz 06-21-2018, 06:49 PM Go to last post
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    SCOTUS Says Warrant Necessary for Phone Location [NO thanks to Gorsuch]

    Thread Starter: EBounding

    Gorsuch dissented in the 5-4 decision Supreme Court says warrant necessary for phone location data in win for privacy

    Last Post By: dannno Today, 12:33 AM Go to last post

    Melania Sent To Border For Charm Offensive As Trump Promises To Reunite Separated Families

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    First Lady Melania Trump made an unannounced visit to a Texas social services center on Thursday amid a crisis over migrant children who have been forcibly separated from their parents as part of the DOJ's "zero-tolerance" enforcement of preexisting laws. . @FLOTUS gets tour of kids’ rooms, notes how tidy they keep them pic.twitter.com/E5m90zbp1A — Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) June...

    Last Post By: lilymc Today, 12:24 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Does the West have the will to survive?

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    The answer is, no. The west has no stomach for what is needed to preserve its liberty from creeping tyranny, let alone the moral and physical courage to preserve its life. Half a century of progressive rot has done irreversible damage. HAS THE WEST THE WILL TO SURVIVE?

    Last Post By: VIDEODROME Today, 12:07 AM Go to last post

    Hillary Clinton Was Not Formally Under FBI Investigation at Any Time in 2015-2016

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) came out swinging Tuesday in a a joint hearing held by the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees. Gowdy ripped into Comey in his opening statement, stating, “we can’t survive with a justice system we don’t trust.” Investigative journalist Paul Sperry reported Horowitz dropped a bombshell in his testimony. Horowitz revealed the...

    Last Post By: Swordsmyth Yesterday, 11:10 PM Go to last post

    FBI Won’t Reveal Extent of Illegal “Geek Squad” Spying

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    As hard as the FBI tries, people’s rights keep getting in the way of their investigations! Last year revelations came out of a court case in which a doctor was being prosecuted by the FBI. The doctor was nabbed for child pornography after an image was found on his computer by a Geek Squad employee in the obscure space that requires high tech digging to find deleted images and files stored ...

    Last Post By: TheCount Yesterday, 11:08 PM Go to last post

    Many Amazon Warehouse Workers are on Food Stamps

    Thread Starter: DamianTV

    https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/04/21/1634237/many-amazon-warehouse-workers-are-on-food-stamps Many of Amazon's warehouse workers have to buy their groceries with food stamps through America's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, reports the Intercept. In Arizona, new data suggests that one in three of the company's own employees depend on SNAP to put food on the table. In...

    Last Post By: dannno Yesterday, 11:08 PM Go to last post

    SCOTUS: Online/Internet shoppers can be forced (legally separated) to pay sales tax

    Thread Starter: aGameOfThrones


    Last Post By: Occam's Banana Yesterday, 11:04 PM Go to last post

    President threatens tariffs on European cars, tells Republicans to stop ‘wasting their time’ o

    Thread Starter: Zippyjuan

    Tells Republicans to "stop wasting their time" on immigration and tells OPEC to lower oil prices. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-today-president-threatens-tariffs-on-european-cars-tells-republicans-to-stop-wasting-their-time-on-immigration-2018-06-22

    Last Post By: aGameOfThrones Yesterday, 10:41 PM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Radical plan to split California into three states earns spot on November ballot

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Radical plan to split California into three states earns spot on November ballot http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-ca-california-split-three-states-20180612-story.html By John Myers Jun 12, 2018 | 5:30 PM | Sacramento California’s 168-year run as a single entity, hugging the continent’s edge for hundreds of miles and sprawling east across mountains and desert, could come to an end...

    Last Post By: Anti Globalist Yesterday, 08:59 PM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    The 50 worst cities in the United States

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    https://247wallst.com/special-report/2018/06/10/50-worst-cities-to-live-in-3/ Too Long;Don't Clickbait? The ten worst: 10 - Milwaukee WI 9 - Baltimore MD

    Last Post By: oyarde Yesterday, 08:57 PM Go to last post
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    The US Startup Is Disappearing

    Thread Starter: DamianTV

    https://news.slashdot.org/story/18/06/21/1558207/the-us-startup-is-disappearing From 13% to 5%, but Everything is Awesome?

    Last Post By: osan Yesterday, 10:42 PM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Smaulgld


    Last Post By: devil21 06-21-2018, 10:40 PM Go to last post

    Market Crash Looming

    Thread Starter: ChooseLiberty

    Wuh Woh It's October, time for a crash. It's not that easy is it? Is it? http://www.safehaven.com/article-14697.htm

    Last Post By: devil21 06-21-2018, 01:48 PM Go to last post

    Obama says worst of Recession is Over!!!

    Thread Starter: bobbyw24

    I know it's so--all my unemployed and underemployed friends got Govt jobs paying $90K/yr YouTube - Kool & the Gang - Celebration By Ian Swanson - 08/11/10 10:23 PM ET Wall Street gave a thumbs down to the economy as the Dow Jones slipped into the red for the year. The Dow Jones tumbled 265 points on Wednesday amid growing worries that the world economy is weakening. The pessimism...

    Last Post By: timosman 06-20-2018, 03:29 PM Go to last post
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    Ketogenic diet

    Thread Starter: alivecream

    What can you say about the Keto diet? is it really effective? Is it safe?

    Last Post By: dannno Yesterday, 06:46 PM Go to last post

    It is gonna be a cold winter.

    Thread Starter: Danke

    This fall the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief Oyarde if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he’d never learned the old tribal secrets. He couldn’t look at the sky to predict what the winter was going to be like. "It's going to be a very cold winter." So just to be on the safe side, Oyarde told his tribe that the...

    Last Post By: oyarde Yesterday, 05:52 PM Go to last post

    Enhancing your body's stem cell production!

    Thread Starter: Suzu

    I've come across a new product that stimulates stem cell production. The potential is to heal just about any condition! I am seeing it work for friends and have started using it myself. I have a $100 discount coupon to give away for a 3-month supply. PM me if interested. a brief introduction -- three and a half minutes:

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    Could your TOOTHPASTE give you type 2 diabetes? White colouring used in food, suncream and toi

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Could your TOOTHPASTE give you type 2 diabetes? White colouring used in food, suncream and toiletries could lead to the condition, study finds By SAM BLANCHARD FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 09:12 EDT, 21 June 2018 | UPDATED: 09:58 EDT, 21 June 2018 A common chemical which turns things like food, medicines, toothpastes and paper white could cause type 2 diabetes, a study has found. ...

    Last Post By: donnay Yesterday, 08:06 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    People who live in small towns and rural areas are happier than everyone else, researchers say

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Yeah, OK, Canada, but I have no reason to believe that these results would not be the same in the US. People who live in small towns and rural areas are happier than everyone else, researchers say https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/article/People-who-live-in-small-towns-and-rural-areas-12922528.php Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post Published 12:11 pm, Thursday, May 17, 2018

    Last Post By: enhanced_deficit Yesterday, 12:15 AM Go to last post

    The Growing Number of Men Who Carry Around Bottle Bidets

    Thread Starter: timosman


    Last Post By: timosman 06-21-2018, 09:56 PM Go to last post

    Alzheimer’s disease may be triggered by herpes virus

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    Alzheimer’s disease may be triggered by the herpes virus, a new study suggests, leading to hopes that antiviral medication could help prevent dementia. Around 850,000 people are living with dementia in Britain, and the majority of people have Alzheimer’s which occurs when sticky plaques of amyloid build up in the brain, killing brain cells. But new research has found that the brains of...

    Last Post By: Zippyjuan 06-21-2018, 09:52 PM Go to last post
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    How much are social justice warriors costing their colleges?

    Thread Starter: Mach

    https://usa.spectator.co.uk/2018/06/the-true-cost-of-the-stepford-student/ Douglas Murray 18 June 2018 It has become abundantly clear in recent years that becoming a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) is bad for your health. But recent developments in north America suggest that it is also very bad for your bottom line.

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana Yesterday, 11:53 PM Go to last post

    Dying for a Paycheck

    Thread Starter: timosman

    https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/faculty-research/books/dying-paycheck https://www.amazon.com/dp/0062800922/

    Last Post By: VIDEODROME Yesterday, 03:45 PM Go to last post

    If I am non-white, hanging around border with no ID, can I be detained?

    Thread Starter: gaazn

    You're not required to provide Social Security number to anyone that doesn't need it. Are you required to provide any ID on demand? Are you required to answer personal info like name, etc if you are not doing anything illegal. Can they send you to immigration holding facility under presumption that you MIGHT be illegal?

    Last Post By: Zippyjuan 06-21-2018, 01:37 PM Go to last post

    Trump's plan to immigration solution.

    Thread Starter: timosman

    Make everybody legal.* No more immigration. Tramp's new season "Manana", will be showing senoras and senorinas who will be telling us how they did it. Trump will be showing off. In one of the episodes he says: "I want to have the name of the motherfucker who pulled the trigger. Why nobody ever looked at who actually did it?" The sound of jaws dropping was heard across the country.:cool:

    Last Post By: Aratus 06-21-2018, 09:26 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Non-thinking is an act of annihilation

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    The suicide of the west in three paragraphs. Man’s mind is his basic tool of survival. Life is given to him, survival is not. His body is given to him, its content is not. To remain alive, he must act, and before he can act he must know the nature and purpose of his action. He cannot obtain his food without a knowledge of food, and the way to obtain it. He cannot dig a ditch – or build a...

    Last Post By: Danke 06-21-2018, 07:33 AM Go to last post

    "Property rights are a social construct used to deal with economic scarcity."

    Thread Starter: Son_of_Liberty90

    Ok, this is a LONG article detailing about how politics is a racket, and ways of decentralization to escape the racket. It's a whole mix of philosophy, history, finance, health tips,socialization tips, etc. Overall, I think it's a great read with good tips. It is VERY dense, and will need several reading sessions to get through it all. There a lot of software programs listed that I didn't...

    Last Post By: Son_of_Liberty90 06-19-2018, 11:10 AM Go to last post
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