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Why must I pay Social Security taxes?

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Another poster asked most plaintively:

Why do I have some mystical responsibility for those on SS, when I never consented to the program?
To which I responded:

Socially speaking, it is socially incumbent upon you by virtue of your social bond and the social debt to which it socially indentures you to help socially realize the social mandate of social justice through the socially universal social implementation of social equality, leading directly to the social justification of social security as a socially imperative social right meeting a great social need for social order and social morality, which in turn serves the social good in accord with the social will of society to socially provide for the social prosperity of all social units through the socially justified stripping of anti-socially acquired and socially criminally hoarded wealth from the socially aberrant units whose anti-social senses of highly socially unequal achievement and of social responsibility do not meet with the socially constructed social standard of social ethics to such a degree that social harmony is disturbed by the socially stunted nature of their socially unacceptable social practices that bring social harm to all social beings in a most egregiously unsocial manner whereby the social threat to social integrity looms to such an extent that social chaos is the certain result to befall the socially responsible people who stand by their social obligations to socially protect their social equals from the social damage that would inevitably cause social unrest and in turn lead to social upheaval in the social community where social peace otherwise prevails most socially.
Got that... socially speaking?

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  1. eOs's Avatar
    I don't know what social means. That entire paragraph looks like a block of cheese to me.
  2. eOs's Avatar
    hey...wait a minute