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William Tell

Good cop?

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The best way to reign in this out of control tyranny, is to fill it's officialdom with people who care about the Constitution. You don't know if this guy is there to push against the Beast or not. None of us know if he's been ordered to do really heinous stuff yet or not. Maybe he's in in armed robbery and just horrified at the stuff he sees happening over at vice. Maybe he's been put there to defend an innocent person from being killed by a cop next year. When "even the drunkards and the tax collectors work more to care about the principles" (to paraphrase Christ) of freedom, then it's time for self reflection. Say he's an evil idiot, like so many here charge. When an evil idiot is doing more work, passion, and progress to restore liberty to America than you, then what does that say about you?

In 2008 we took everyone where they were who had a genuine passion for liberty and a willingness to work to make it happen. Now they have to pass a score of acid tests before we allow them to speak without chastisement or brutal humiliation. The question boils down to do we want to save this country or not? If yes then we will support people of principle in every position of government in the hopes of filling it up and taming the beast. If no, then they will want to empty the beast of every Constitutional resolve and let it fail.

It will probably fail anyway, but I will seize every opportunity I can to make it right, because when it does fail and people everywhere are forced by tyranny and circumstance in the collapse of civilization to take up arms, do you want to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you didn't really try? When you make a clean headshot on some 20 year old kid charging you and your family with a shotgun just because he is hungry desperate and insane; and then you recognize him from 5 years ago as the kid who used to mow your lawns, how will you look into the mirror and tell yourself you didn't really try to stop it?

I will seize EVERY legitimate opportunity to make it right, because I abhor and will do everything in my power to prevent what I describe above. It is very likely to come no matter how hard I try, but as God is my witness I will try like hell. When some kid is charging me and my family with a shotgun, and I make my clear front sight tip, I will not hesitate, and my conscience will be clear.