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Help Defense of Liberty PAC stop the tax increases in Maine!

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If you live in Maine, or know anyone that lives in Maine, please spread the word and help the Defense of Liberty PAC stop the proposed tax increases in Maine.

The Maine House and Maine Senate voted 102-43 and 25-10 to pass a budget that increases the General, Service Provider & Use Taxes by 10% in Maine from 5% of the purchase price of a good or service to 5.5%. The budget also increases the Lodging & Prepared Food Taxes by 14% from 7% of the purchase price of lodging or prepared food to 8%. Governor LePage says he will veto the Maine budget. Unfortunately, 28 Republicans in the Maine Legislature voted for this tax increasing budget. Several Maine Republican Senators will need to change their position in order to prevent the Maine Legislature from overriding Governor LePage's expected veto.

28 Republicans in the Maine Legislature need to hear from you right now.

As former Maine State Representative, Jon McKane, wrote in a recent letter:
…Those [Republicans] who vote no on these tax increases are standing by their promises and their principals and sending it back to committee. There are many alternatives to the tax increases proposed. Those [Republicans] who vote yes, however, will have some explaining to do.

…They’ll have to explain why funding wind power subsidies, efficiency Maine, raises to state employees, $100,000/year salaries for over a thousand U of Maine employees, free unlimited transportation for methadone treatments, and the MPBN corporation, among other things, was so necessary that we have to take $180 million out of Maine economy to pay for it. I don’t envy them that task.

They’ll also have to look their Republican supporters in the eye – the folks who worked on their campaigns, who donated money to get them elected, who planted their sign in front of their house, or who wrote a letter to the editor – why they have abandoned the principals they campaigned on. Perhaps they will be reminded – Maine has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

I could not have said it better myself. Thankfully, Governor Paul LePage is vetoing these tax increases, but he needs our help to secure the votes of ALL Republicans in the House and Senate to sustain his veto.


Contact the 5 Republican Senators and 23 Republican Representatives who voted for the budget (find their information below).

Tell them, “No tax increases! Sustain Governor LePage’s veto of the budget.”

Click HERE to e-mail them all at once.

Be professional, but firm.

For Liberty,
Eric Brakey
Defense of Liberty PAC

P.S. – Please take action today. Contact the 5 Republican Senators who voted for the budget (find their information below).

Tell them, “No tax increases! Sustain Governor LePage’s veto of the budget.”

ME Senate Republicans who Voted for Tax Increases

1. Sen. Roger Katz of Kennebec
(207) 485-2394

2. Sen. Roger Sherman of Aroostook
(207) 532-7073

3. Sen. Tom Saviello of Franklin
(207) 645-3420

4. Sen. Patrick Flood of Kennebec
(207) 395-4915

5. Sen. Brian Langley of Hancock
(207) 667-0625

- See more at

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  1. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    Come on folks. Let's help stop the massive tax increase that's about to happen in Maine! A few people in Maine worked hard to help Ron Paul. Now let's work to spread the word of this news far into Maine so that we can try to help the people of Maine stop it (or at least reduce the massive increase).

    We weren't able to stop the massive tax increases in VA (a state where Ron Paul did well), MD, WY, CA or MN (a state where Ron Paul did well) but maybe we can work to stop this in Maine (another state where Ron Paul did well).

    A related story. Watch a video of Maine Governor LePage say that a Maine Democratic State Senator is anal rapping the people of Maine and not using Vaseline.

    Maine gov.'s “Vaseline” comment sparks controversy
    Maine gov. LePage makes comments following budget rally
    UPDATED 11:39 PM EDT Jun 20, 2013