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Video: Libertopia, a documentary about finding freedom is now FREE online

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Libertopia, a documentary about finding freedom
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Our Story
Whether you agree with their politics or not, one thing that can be said about the individuals featured in Libertopia ---- They are motivated. They don't just sit around and complain ---- They take action. When things don't go according to plan, they don't see failure ---- Only temporary setbacks.

In a lot of ways, their journeys were mirrored in this production. This was a first time feature film for the filmmakers. It was produced by just two people. Later there came an editor and a composer, and we made it all on very limited funds. Often times, out there on the road with a trunk full of equipment, we wondered if we were crazy to undertake such an ambitious venture during one of the worst recessions in recent history. But every time we needed inspiration, or felt like quitting, all we had to do was look right back through the camera... How could we give up on such determined individuals? It simply wasn't an option.

Each person in our film is on the journey of their lives, and in watching them, hopefully we're all reminded that life's greatest reards are only ever born of life's greatest challenges. Making this film has been both for us, and we are proud to show it here to you. Thank you for watching, and keep carrying the fire.
The entire film FREE on YouTube


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    BTW, if you aren't sure if you want to watch the film, here is an interview with the filmmaker. Watch it to get a feel for the film.

    The Reason.TV interview about Libertopia with filmmaker Christina Heller
  2. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    Here is the Stossel episode about the film.

    The Stossel episode about Libertopia
  3. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    Oh, and I found the official trailer.

    The Official Libertopia Trailer