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Is a Future Revolution Possible Without Privacy?

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(This was a post that I slightly edited to make sense by itself. The original post is here.)

Very few people are looking toward the Future when Privacy is Impossible. But if Privacy is completely gone, will a Revolution even be possible?

Google GlASS might be able to record what you do right now as a video, but this will only be the first in a long series of progressively privacy invading advancements. One of them inevitably will be Google Contact Lenses. However, the ability to just record videos and "talk" to your glasses will also advance. At some point, you'll probably be able to "download apps" for their latest and greatest product (greatest is a very subjective term). But one of the things that people (mostly those that do NOT hang out on these forums, or have any concept of privacy) are going to want is some sort of Augmented Reality. When that happens, just getting in view of the GlASS will result in any viewed action being sent to Google, hence, recorded forever.

If you want to know where a technology is going, understand what is expected. It isnt going to just be Augmented Reality either. Just look at the storage space in a computer. In 20 years, we've gone from CD's holding an hour or so of music to something smaller than your thumbnail holding your entire music and movie library. Everything you do will be pretty much permanently recorded. And all of this information will be used AGAINST you. Any images captured of you will be automatically analyzed, categorized, indexed, and linked directly to YOU. That is to say if someone sees you smoking in public, the technology will not only be able to identify that activity, but probably be able to tell everyone exactly what brand of cigarettes they smoke.

There are two enablers here in this situation, the People that have ZERO RESPECT for the Privacy of others, and Govt that refuses to do anything to protect anyones Privacy. Google has become the middleman. Google collects all this data on you. Then, they turn around and do something with all that data. Google is a Private Company, and as such, they need to turn over a Profit. Doing a search on Google is Free, but it has a Cost. That cost is Data On You. You are the Product being Bought and Sold. Some of that information on you is made available for Free to others, but at the Cost of Their Privacy, which is also sold. Their physical products, like phones or glasses, will have a material value, thus, are not free. However since going Free is so profitable, the physical products also do everything in their power to fuel their primary profit base, your data.

You and I will probably not have any use what so ever for any of this data collected on anyone, but Govts and Corporations do. All that data being collected is not always intended to cause you harm, but it is available to cause you harm, and that is all that is needed. There are a lot of gun owners in the world, but not all of those guns are being used to commit crimes. It just takes one. In terms of data, what defines if the collection of data is good or bad is how it is used, same as a gun, and it only takes one bit of data compared to all the data on you do completely ruin your life.

The average person commits THREE FELONIES PER DAY.

Googles technology is a gateway to prosecute everyone for each and every single instance of those felonies. Didnt buckle up? Citation. Use a product for an unauthorized purpose? See ya in court. Fight the Power? You're pretty much screwed. But to maintain the Illusion of Freedom, charges for being associated with a Grassroots Liberty Movement will result in you disappearing for something OTHER than being a proponent of Liberty. Something like having expired Antibiotics in your Medicine Cabinet. Again, dont think about what is happening right now. We have "Soft Tyranny" now. Think of the future, and what this technology is going to be used for. Think of that one small bit of data on you and how it is going to be used against you 25 years, hell, 5 years from now. If you so much as look at something that says Ron Paul for more than a second, Google Glass is going to enable EVERYONE to know that, regardless of whether you bought their product or not. All it takes is either a Surveillance Camera or Google Glass. Pick a method of Surveillance that inevitably will occur in our Facist Future (5 to 25 years), then imagine a way that can be used against you. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law. Notice that it says Law, not Justice.

A lot of the ways that technology will be used against people will make itself obvious when the people have zero recourse to defend themselves. And it will apply to every aspect of your life. If your Internet Toilet tells Google (again, Future) that your Sodium Levels are too high, and you are caught eating bacon, you are going to suffer consequences. Not just from the Government, but from Mega Corporations as well that want that data to increase their profit margins. Well, in this case, it might as well be the Government. But if you get caught eating Bacon, your Insurance Provider (most likely Govt) is gonna jack up your premiums.

But our most dangerous threat doesnt come from the Mandatory Compliance demanded by Corporations, our biggest threat will come from the inability to resist. When specific people start to make statements that what their Govts (and ruling Corporations) are doing is wrong, those people will be specifically targetted for "adjustments". Once again, FUTURE, and also, Maintain The Illusion. Those who even dare to speak of Liberty or the Constitution will not be told that they are "in trouble" for talking about Liberty. They will "go away" for any other possible reason. Dog Tags are Expired. Consuming a food that is beyond its Best Used By date. So when you start talking about Liberty in the Future, things will happen to you that will block your efforts to make any sort of meaningful resistance possible. Distraction is primary. Obstruction is secondary. Keep you busy fighting traffic tickets is plenty enough to eat your time that could be contributed to planning Resistance.

If you have absolutely ZERO PRIVACY, then consider Liberty to truly be dead. You cant speak about it. You cant think about it. You cant organize. You cant plan. You cant "conspire" with others. You cant cause any sort of meaningful change by yourself. You do need help to do it. You need a lot of people with a lot of angst to replace your Corrupted Government with a Government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Ron Paul himself never would have gotten off the ground if it wasnt for Privacy. We can communicate in Public, but each and every one of our true identities is rather difficult to discover. And that isnt going to last much longer. We would not be able to even so much as communicate with others about Ron Paul because he is a threat to the Status Quo.

Again, think of the Future. I have to say that pretty much each and every scenario because people compare the future only to how bad things are right now. So if that doesnt have any sort of meaningful relevance to you, then think of the past. Do you think that the American Revolution would have ever gotten off the ground if every thing they did and said was 100% monitored? They might have been able to start talking to others about defending themselves from an oppressive government, but after that, you'd find that Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and pretty much the whole lot had been arrested "for something" (again also, Illusion), and the Revolution never would have taken place to begin with. Every uprising requires us to communicate with each other. This is why the internet has taken off. The People that fought for our Rights and Freedoms had to first organize and communicate to identify the problem, and communicate to come up with a solution to the problem. Then they had to communicate to learn how to resist. Then they had to communicate to resist. If at any time, communication had been impossible, the Revolutionary War never would have taken place. That is why I have such a strong opposition to Facebook. Facebook is not communication. Facebook IS Monitored Communication. So lets again, think to the past. If George Washington tried to use Facebook, as we have it today, to organize and communicate with others in the Resistance, how far do you think he would have been able to get?

The success of the Revolutionary War was determined by numerous things, but most importantly, it was determined by our Founding Fathers ability to be Private in their thoughts and actions. If you went to war with someone, and could just "Google" your enemies next move, how difficult would it be for you to defeat that enemy? That is what is happening to us right now. Does anyone think that during the last two Presidential Elections that supporters for every major opposing candidate were not all over this very site? All over Facebook? They wanted to know what our next move was. We were able to get quite far because of our numbers, but our strategies were heavily undermined because they knew what our plans were. Some things need to be said in Public. Support Ron Paul because <insert supporting arguments here>. This is how the Federal Reserve Bank and Corporations control the Govt. Some things need to be said in Private. Our next attack is to achieve this goal, and will be at this time at this place with these people involved. And that requires Privacy.

Liberty and Freedom will always be Grassroots Movements, and Invasion of Privacy is nothing short of a Lawnmower.


  1. DamianTV's Avatar
    Grass needs to grow, just as the ideas of Liberty and Freedom need to grow in the minds of people. But in order to grow, it needs to be watered and fed, but cant be cut down before it reaches maturity. Seedling Grass does not immediately start bearing seeds. It is when mature grass begins to grow seeds that people spread the ideas of Liberty and Freedom to others. There are a lot of ways that grass can be prevented from growing. When there is no more Privacy, any opponents of Freedom and Liberty will utilize what they know about everyone to specifically cut down any opposition. As I mentioned above, usually about the Future, but also about Maintaining the Illusion, the way to cut down a supporter of Liberty and Freedom will have nothing to do with Liberty and Freedom itself. That is, until you have Hard Tyranny. Al Capone went to prison for Tax Evasion because the Govt was unable to convict him of Alcohol Sales, which, at that time, was defined as Illegal in the Constitution. But what do you think will happen to you, or anyone else that speaks of Liberty or Freedom? As I mentioned earlier, the average person commits Three Felonies Per Day. So if you oppose your would-be owners, your would-be owners will cut you down by charging you with any of those Three Felonies that you commit long before you start to plant the seeds of Liberty and Freedom as an idea in the minds of others. I sincerely believe that the ultimate goal of a world that is committed to Freedom and Liberty will be absolutely impossible if you have absolutely no Privacy. But you might think differently.

    I have but one question for you, do you think that you will be able to win a Revolution without any form of Privacy?