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Your Views On What A US Economic Collapse Might Look Like

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Meaning what? That our supply of energy will sustain us? What does that mean for the average person/family if the dollar collapses. For how long will our energy supply sustain us? Please expand.
The US is different from the Soviet Union only cosmetically. There, the so-called "state" owned everything. Here, it is the "bank". Both are nothing more than labels denoting subsets of the population. There is no material "bank" or "state", save the effects such as buildings, vaults, and so forth. "State" and "bank" are conceptual constructs. Recall the old Indian monkey trap where food is placed into a jar. Monkey sticks hand in, grabs food, becomes trapped because the hole is too small to let his balled up hand pass. So it is with politics and all manner of other aspects of human life. So long as we believe in the reality of banks and states and "the people", etc., they will be subject to the grip and the dictates of those beliefs. Monkey trap.

The US population contains the world's sole surviving group of freedom-oriented people of not only significant proportion, but of the means to assert that freedom, all nonsense protest of rifles v. tanks notwithstanding. Because there is an agenda afoot for world government, which is a thin euphemism for world dominion, there exists a need for psychological uniformity among all those over whom dominion is sought. The uniformity must be absolute and perfectly pervasive such that any deviance will be automatically "handled" by those who are dominated. That is, they shall be self-policing, self-oppressing, self-limiting, self-defeating. Given this necessary condition, it is imperative there exist no examples of nations such as the USA that excel in any manner or degree beyond that which is deemed acceptable, for to tolerate such a thing would be to invite disaster to your empire because people will see. Seeing will prompt even the dullest among the uniformly dull and thought-trained to begin to wonder, "if them, why not us?" and thereby is the seed of the tyrant's eventual and inevitable destruction sown.

All that said, the way to reduce the people of the USA to the required standard of material and psychological life is not the same as that of the most of the rest of the world. The Soviets were different in that they were an already conquered people, broken to the halter by the master and unlikely to rise in rebellion of any dangerous significance. Indeed, we witnessed the expressions of the desire by many for a return to the good old days of the soviet, even if a new Stalin had to be tolerated. Better the bread line than no possibility of bread.

Americans are different in the ways in which they see themselves in the world. All the bad aspects of the more recent mean psychological profile aside, huge numbers of us are still endowed with the spirit of rebellion against those who presume authority over us, and while this does present examples of greater net negativity in terms of results, the overwhelming tendency is that of the good. In many this world-orientation is strong and healthy and has helped us retain what freedoms are left to us today. Those Americans will not accept soviet-style orders, but because they do accept "free enterprise", they can and may be defeated by the leverage the banks hold over them. The wallet is the approach we will see here and so long as the basics of life are available there will be NO credible risk of general insurrection.

As the economy spirals downward, which will only happen if the people sufficiently resist the current drives to further curtail their rights (gun control, for example), and people approach a panic threshold, the "government" will likely hold out its beneficent hand in different ways to different people depending upon what each party seeks. Some will want food, others not to lose "their" homes, and so forth. In any event, it will all reduce to issues of material want on the part of the to-be-conquered American citizenry. On the part of government the equal consideration shall be but one thing: authority to control by consent of the controlled.

This is not something that will happen casually, mind you. I believe that They will take a great portion of us right to the very edge of terror such that we will never forget and thereby be less inclined to have second thoughts later. That is the stick. The carrot shall consist of being provided for by the gentle hand of the Master such that we need never again fear for our stomachs aching with hunger and our limbs shivering with the wet and cold. This will be impossibly powerful and irresistible to what I suspect will be a majority sufficient to keep the rest under control.

Never make the mistake of assessing the timid man as a universal coward. When loaned a spine, courtesy of state imprimatur, he becomes one of the most unimaginably vicious adversaries imaginable and it is precisely people of this low character, people that exist in wild abundance, who will be recruited as the new force to help the beloved Master achieve his noble goal of shepherding the entire flock.

Those shivering, frightened, despicable examples of humanity will be readily identified and recruited as the new wave of citizen informers and enforcers. In exchange for their newly found positions of authority and their guaranteed meal tickets will be their unquestioning loyalty to Them and the physical signing away of their Rights, their signatures indicating their admission and confession that neither do their rights ever exist in the first place, claiming that they did constituted a crime against "society". They will promise never again to transgress and to do all that "society" demands of them. In exchange they will be fed, clothed, housed. In this scenario, those so recruited will develop a hatred for their fellows of the bitterest nature and greatest intensity. These people will become the equivalents of Nikolai Yezhov, Stalin's lap dog to whom the moniker "bloody dwarf" was ascribed. He was, in fact, so shockingly murderous that Stalin eventually had him shot. The mind reels and fails in an attempt to comprehend how insanely dangerous one must be that a man like Stalin would even be appalled.

The levers against us here are many. Our weakness is our weakness. We are not accustomed to privation of food and heat and shelter, yet these are the very things that can be so very readily imposed upon us. It will not happen all in one day, I suspect. It can be set into motion one household at a time. Dad can't get work. Money runs out. Now what? Steals a loaf of bread? Perhaps is caught, faces jail time, and what of the wife and children? Not so terribly difficult to visualize. "Mr. Average, we understand your plight and we want to help. I believe you would agree that there is not great purpose served by placing you into jail for the next six months, leaving your family without a provider, yes? But we cannot allow people such as yourself to go around stealing, can we? What shall we do?... Here's our proposal: you can go home tonight to your wife and children if you sign this document. In return, you will become a ward of the state, you and your family that is, and we will provide you with work and the means to live a very good life. How does that grab you?"

Mr. Average signs his and his family's rights into oblivion, goes to work for Them in whatever capacity they deem desired, and the world continues turning.

We are far too well armed for Them to risk a real tet-a-tet. Why assume such risk when all one needs do is turn off the spigot in cleverly conceived ways to drive the cattle through the stock yard as desired? Does the slaughterhouse worker start shooting at the cattle? No, they simply guide them to the hammer. The cattle do 99.9% of the work necessary to their own destruction. Any Master worth his guano does the same. Efficiency can be a beautiful thing, as you can see.

Because we are armed and persist in holding on to these silly notions of individualism and liberty, we must be broken by other means - more gradual means and that is why a "collapse" will not be the same here as they have been elsewhere. We remain dangerous whereas the rest of the world has been de-balled.

Finally, and as regards those pockets of die-hard individualists, They can wait them out or simply send in armed battalions of enforcers who will not be charged with apprehending, but with wiping such enemies of the people from the roles of the living. The rest will in time come to cheer these purgative actions and that will be the sign that the Master's goal has been successfully attained.

Have a pleasant day.

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