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Uncle Emanuel Watkins

Addressing the issue of the media corporations by way of reducing to our Founding Fathers

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[QUOTE=Uncle Emanuel Watkins;4849151]First off, in order to address the topic of the press, as I always do, I first reduce to our Founders by way of utilizing a slightly altered political spectrum than the one that was once developed by Aristotle with this being his "golden mean." While he crafted a formulaic linear scale depicting left (liberal) and right (conservative) directions ushering in opposite directions away from a moderate viewpoint towards political extremes, to alter this slightly, I have added onto those extremes, at an eternity's distance away from the other, the two contrasts of inverses, perverses if you will, with one having the character of an enthroned king at its end and the other having the character of a homeless prostitute at the end of it. To complete this all inclusive model (all men were created . . .), I then place the citizens of the United States between the two characters as either part of a necessary-tyranny ruling class represented by the king or as part of a disadvantaged-majority subordinate class represented by the prostitute.

Being a convert, I consider myself by choice to be a member of the subordinate class much the way our Founders did when they addressed a tyrant as representatives of the commoner people. This established a new order. In other words, even when forming the Constitution, they didn't address it officially. This wasn't the case in Mexico when a junta of officials gathered to sign their Declaration of Independence. What this did was basically replace the old order with the same old order. Instead of this, our Founders managed to pull off a trick, beating the Pope to the punch, by utilizing the scientific method of *Natural Law, acting as mere people when doing so, in order to abolish the former **traditional legal way of creating new nations.

With that out of the way, first off, my state of Texas is corrupt. That damned out-of-control Federal government, that fallacy often referred to as the United States government, when she ventured in with her old pagan Puritan order rolling so ruthlessly over the Branch Davidians, which at the time was a rightfully constituted church of people in Waco, my state of Texas should have been there for them, for us, and for me. When the Feds went and killed that church member trying to run back in from the outside of the church to help his fellow members, the Texas Rangers should have been there for him. Certainly something within should have triggered us to act. When they shot that boy sitting on the tower as a watchman, we should have been there for him.

Where were we?

Thing is, believe it or not, those in charge of my Texas government no longer speak the same language that I do. When they sit down to sip their tea, they don't live in the same precious Democratic Republic that I do. When they wipe crumbs of cake from their mouths, they don't talk the same way I do about the formal documents of The Declaration of Independence or The U.S. Constitution. When they are riding in their limousines, they don't speak the same reverent way that I do about our Founding Fathers.

While they have become foreigners, the reason they have become foreign to me is because of the media corporations.

Figure that Martin Luther at least had a way to speak to the high and mighty officials of the Catholic church when they allowed him to nail his grievances to a door. I have no doubt that the foreigners in charge of my Texas today know with certainty that they are more worthy than a Pope.

In order to explain my feelings of helplessness here, once again, I'm going to turn to my American political spectrum. As the enthroned king teaches everyone in the kingdom the language as the head, make it so (fiat) or else, the prostitute is looked upon as a dog. In other words, dogs recognize themselves by their behinds. As such is so for a dog, the same if true of a prostitute as she too is recognized by her behind. So, surely, as a prostitute is devoid of a face in society, she isn't taken seriously.

Once again, to backtrack to one of my former analogies, how could a grown man find pleasure in defeating a small boy in a game of chess? There can be only one reason for such contempt. He is a drunkard who can't see his conscience. The same is true today of the government and its persecutions of the disadvantaged people. As the Truth is the supreme power, the government has become drunk on the false powers of manipulation. At the same time, they have divided themselves up into parties, branches, and divisions just perfectly to the extent that every official involved in the contempt are perceived as blameless. Or, at least they think they have the situation all schemed out.

As these drunkards on top deem what is to be considered sane for us all, once again or else, the world itself has become insane. In turn, the media just reports on it.

Indeed, the media is biased, but not in the typical way that we think. As the king once had to create a media of "sayers" to travel about his kingdom royally reminding the disadvantaged commoners of his advantages over them in regards to his ownership of all property both public and private, a matter which could be quickly forgotten, the prostitute was always left ignorant without a say in the matter. And, yet, as Socrates might have marveled, she has always been a faithful part of the event of life always there willing and able to act out her part. Go with the flow. As the church by God's authority ordained the king to be a rightful ruler, as the king then by the church's authority ordained others to be official members of his monarchy, and as these official members of a monarchy then by the king's authority certified others to be experts, the prostitute at the bottom was left abandoned on the street to beg.

What I am describing here is how information flows.

As Bill Gates has been cheated by a new leisure class who have won control over the means of counterfeiting, he doesn't turn his attention to fighting this contempt that is being perpetrated against the new order our Founders established. Instead, he has turned his attention to cheating those beneath him. In turn, they didn't fight against the flow either, but, instead, they too cheated those beneath them, and so on. This all amounts to a mountain of condemnation being poured down upon the homeless prostitute.

And so goes the flow of information the media reports.

As patriots, our Founders were willing to scrap the economy. As representatives taking on the roles of mere commoners, they worked in fellowship addressing the drunkenness of a king. By fashioning a little masterpiece that created a new order within The Declaration of Independence, they won the face of authority for those who are prostituted. Eventually they managed to create a new Constitution which would further advance that new order with this becoming our American Civil Purpose.

*Natural Law was ordained by God through the authority of the church.

** The established legal precedence of how to create a new nation was also ordained by God through the authority of the church. The trick our Founders used to overthrow the former traditions of legal precedence was to utilize the scientific method of Natural Law to create a new natural law conclusion. In doing so, they found just cause in divorcing us from beneath the rule of a tyrant.[/QUOTE]


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    As of lately, concerning politics in the United States, I've been realizing one of the major differences between what one should be rating as an intelligent adult discussion and what one should be discarding as sophist-like bickering. When being read from newspapers and magazines, every editorial and article should first narrow down unalienable to a common ground. When they fail to do so, they should be deemed childish.

    Significance? Consider how the order of Western Civilization came out of Socrates and he, according to his student Plato, spent most of his time just reducing, by way of his Socratic Teaching Method, towards better and better quality truths.

    As a result of this, in the United States, every intelligent discussion should first reduce itself towards our Founding Fathers. In their failing to do so, the only alternatives for them would be to either reduce towards some some other major entity other than our Founders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King for example, or, by not reducing at all by way of elaboration instead.

    In order to be able to elaborate without first having to reduce to what is common ground, one must stand on a preset political platform. Some of these platforms would have the designations of either liberal or conservative, or Republican and Democratic for instance.

    The media has lambasted Ron Paul for what seems like forever now. This has become painfully apparent in the last two elections. Understand, the determination to treat him in this fashion happened as a result of our own immaturity as we were the ones who accepted the mutual decision by the media corporations to prohibit him from the political process. Yet, even to this very day, we are still reading and rehashing editorials and articles from these same destabilizing antagonists thinking it is somehow beneficial.

    With every passing day, their treachery is becoming more brazen. Indeed, these present day loyalists working in the media corporations no longer feel the need to narrow to our Founding Fathers, but choose to inject in their own poisonous opinions instead. They seem to like to think of themselves as a power unto themselves, perhaps a new branch of our government even, as their brilliance, in their opinions, far surpasses that of the ancient Greek philosophers and of that of our own Founding Fathers.

    Again, it isn't that they don't submit to reducing to our Founders before providing their opinions, but that they don't reduce at all. This means they aren't rational. This means they shouldn't be considered reasonable. This means they shouldn't even be considered as individuals who practice the process of critical thinking.

    As such, they should be deemed artists. As these pretentious bastards no longer speak to us by the word, and by bastard I mean this respectfully, we shouldn't try to comprehend them mindfully, but emotionally. As they communicate to us using colorful metaphors and superfluous metaphors, we should attempt to feel their deep meanings by way of deep stream of consciousness interpretation:

    Snap . . . snap . . . snap . . . if I was meant to cry caring about all the tragedies happening around the world, I'd have been born a big fat round blubber ball of water . . . "Bang!" . . . "SCREAM!"

    Snap . . . snap . . . snap . . .
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    an irrational interpretation performed in a stream of conscience devoid of all punctuation
    by Uncle Emanuel Watkins

    "Ahem . . ."

    Once upon a time in the world of Greece existed a lot of knowledge of empty boxes in a land of disorderly chaos which the Sophists immediately took advantage of by way of arguing both sides of the debate with them deciding to do this by design for the sake of making lots of money to hide a long standing conflict which had and has and still is going on forever between the very highest and the very least acting as if such the existing situation was normally the case as no truths existed or ever would exist other than the Truth other than lots of empty boxes of endless varying sizes with some being small and others large and some smart and others dumb and others old and others young until Socrates stumbled after proving to the Spartans to be the bravest man to ever live before insinuating that all this sophisticated disorder might not be worth living causing him to proceed teaching a dangerous way of learning to Plato of recognizing a new classification of order of boxes into a volume of dialogues with the king himself being developed into the whole formal box of a book with a lot of informal subjects about and under and within him being things like titles and forwards and introductions and thesis statements and chapters and conclusions and subheadings and other subjected subjects like topic paragraphs and topic sentences and worthless isolates and subjects with predicates as well as simple and complex sentences along with independent and dependent clauses all in an order of empty boxes from the formal box of the king the book itself to all the way towards that one thing that never existed to make sense of it all that order perpetuated by just a dot that little unseen necessary box never mentioned but always playing her part within the great story of a king the man himself being within the greatest box amid the very least unmentionable burden itself unlimited boxes within boxes within the smallest of them all with this being infinite numbers of scattered boxes shattered to pieces by war and thoughtlessness while the same boxes themselves had been pieced together though they all be empty but boxes indeed so carefully assembled together forever and forever these boxes all of them existing without question in a system of disorder until our Founders later created a whole new order while standing on a long standing foundation created by Plato overthrowing the prior accepted tyranny of disorder by crafting a scheme to include the little period that little dot that smallest of boxes into the equation check mating the king finally into accepting that all boxes are the same as being all men and as being born equally endowed with the same exact business agenda for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness finally ending all the compromising of the king in his preventing all men from being included within the over all social contract of a big box of a king of a moderate boxes of subjects and commoners and finally of the very least of all boxes as an insignificant little prostitute that little dot that period at the end of the sentence.
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    In these nonsensical interpretations I have provided so far, I have learned a lot. Actually, these performances have really drained me emotionally which is a sign I am truly working hard.
    Something that struck my conscience like a hammer, as I don't use my mind much in these spontaneous "happenings" that I partake in on a whim . . . ahem, is how the commercials from corporations that play on the entertaining media's shows are generally designed for a large portion of our nation's population who are on welfare.
    Also, and in no particular order, my feelings in regards to the humor used in commercials has also been bothering my conscience. In other words, if one was trying to sell a high quality product like a Mercedes Benz, it would be an insult to make a big joke about it. What i'm getting at here . . . snap . . . snap . . . snap . . . is that the commercial media has tended to go left in politics at about the same time that all the quality started being left out of the American package of goods. To go along with all this sorry humor passed off as serious art, what the big show lacks in entertainment, the commercials try to make up for it in high quality silliness with these viewed as little masterpieces, a kind of soft porn entertainment, within the bigger picture. Actually, add in the fact that the United States has sold out completely as our nation manufactures very little in factories any more, and I'd call the commercialization of the mass media hard to the core. Meaning it has left us with an empty package of goods, a society with very little social value to redeem.
    Also figure that the mass media corporations have figured out that Conservative Americans will tend to tolerate a lot, being as they were raised by their parents to not take handouts from the government, to not be a burden on their families, and to pull themselves up by their own boot straps. Therefore, there does seem to be a lot of masochistic tendencies in conservative to buy a product even when seriously offended by the shows they sponsor.
    This all makes a lot of sense to me and I've realized this by performing newspaper editorials and magazine articles rather than rationalizing reading them.
    Come out of her ignorance, beloved forum members. She only sounds and looks pretty. In the end, the stories of the mass media corporations, her lies, are going to have us all living in bondage to slaves.
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    This has far more to do with just my sanity, beloved forum members. Always remember while in therapy that only an insane mind would pause to think that it is crazy. We must be certain. And in this war against tyranny, we are going to need every able bodied insane person and felony convicted criminal manning a gun!

    In feeling out these interpretative happenings, something I do in order to unravel the deep mysteries hidden within newspaper editorials and magazine articles, I must have no distractions interfering with my performances. This means I can't be worried about introspective questions regarding whether or not I am rational or popular. For you see, it isn't about myself.

    To free myself from all awareness of myself during these spells of enlightenment, I am one percent Native American by the way, I often utilize the old shoe method. Any old shoe will do. While holding it up and dancing around hopping from foot to foot crying like an Indian going "woo . . . woo woo woo . . . woo . . . woo woo woo," I join in with the great spontaneity by way of chanting "a shoe! . . . boo! . . . cue! . . . do! . . . goo! . . . hue! . . . and so on." After about five minutes of this nonsense, I then begin to see the big picture as a trance takes over me.

    It is during this time that I'm able to confuse together all the deep emotions expressed within news editorials and magazine articles, beloved forum members. For example, I performed recently on the topic of gays and lesbians as the news editorial supported their right to adopt orphaned children and babies. What left me perplexed is how minors are allowed to make a determination about themselves in society before they are of legal age. At the same time, I remember reading about this woman recently who left her husband after sixty-five years of marriage because, after looking at herself long and hard in the mirror, she came to the realization that she was a lesbian. What I'm trying to get here is how that same woman, if she lived long enough, could have then, after another sixty-five years, realized she was mistaken about herself again.

    As there isn't any way of genetically determining straight children from gay or lesbian ones, certainly they too like this elderly woman could make mistakes about their orientations.

    The main reason our whole nation is going gay and lesbian today is because of the way we rationally think about news editorials and magazine articles rather than performing them which is what other primates like chimps do out in their natural habitat.
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    After two presidential elections in which a council of senior editors clearly schemed to prohibit Ron Paul from being a serious candidate, the members in this forum still don't seem to get it. When the news media themselves are the problem, it is a shameful waste of time rehashing media disinformation about supposed other problems. And we will never get any where taking time off to write books about supposed media conspiracies. There has to be a line drawn in the sand. You can either stand on that side of the line by continuing to rehash horse$#@! contrived by the news media; or, you can stand on this side by stopping the rehashing of horse$#@! information. By horse$#@! information, I am referring to an agenda that has been established by a council of senior editors to contrive a false consensus against the U.S. Constitution.
    The American people have been waking up to this for awhile now ever since the sixties. A major truth was finally discovered during the Congressional investigations into the Kennedy Assassination that came out during the seventies. It was during this time that the people got a glimpse into the dark practices of our intelligence agencies. The people learned how naive we all were and how easily manipulated. We also learned how capable our intelligence agencies were back in the sixties of pulling off the assassination of President Kennedy. And, most important, the people learned how the news media, an elite bastion of incredibly eminent and logical looking people, didn't know their asses from their heads in regards to the goings on of the Federal government. Many guessed the media was at least ten years behind the government in knowing what was up. Later events would prove this number to be too low.
    One example of how little the media knows was that lifting of top secret information regarding the whereabouts of a super computer built in the United States back during World War 2, the one that was mainly used to unravel both the Japanese and German codes. The smaller computer built in England was always the one known about. Meanwhile, the real powerhouse computer that was breaking most of the codes was kept secret until here recently.
    Figure our media is still being controlled by both our intelligence agencies and the Federal government. This is why reporters still quote secret sources. In the end, someone who is a secret source is going to know more than the people; or, agents working in the media can quote supposed secret sources in order to establish a false consensus that is against the U.S. Constitution.
    Our nation is going through a time of violence right now. The tumultuous conflicts happening today are the result of a false consensus contrived by a council of senior editors bent on blaming the second amendment. This is in opposition to the real consensus of a feeling of helplessness by the people in knowing that any infringement on the second amendment is a major threat against the U.S. Constitution itself.
    In other words, as these arrogant bastards have us pegged as gunslingers for the sake of it, we know the second amendment is the major obstacle standing in the way of their replacing the U.S. Constitution with a new Global Constitution.
    As Americans, we need to focus on the true enemy as being the media, with these being the most evil of people, as they are the ones most endangering the U.S. Constitution, and the Civil Purpose of the people.
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    During this dreadful day, a time which will be made even darker after the psychologists get through with their painting of Chris Dorner negatively as a disturbed person who died for no reason other than confusion, many in this forum might feel compelled to avoid being labeled extremist because of *disinformation now being fed to us by the senior press working within soviet styled media corporations the likes of who are now in control of the vast majority of propaganda.

    Indeed, as a true American, I myself am an extremist. Regarding the second amendment, I do believe that when president Obama or any official decides to so thoughtlessly infringe upon it, that they are a threat to the U.S. Constitution and, therefore, committing an act of war against the American people. As a Christian, I also consider their thoughtlessness as contempt committed against the Lord's people and their long, hard, fought-after Civil Purpose.

    In fact, as Plato once fought back against the invasion of sophist confusers by teaching the deceived Greeks how to collect their thoughts, by way of thinking in a general fashion, so, today, we need to be similar in our thoughts by way of thinking in an extremist fashion. Terms like unalienable and self evident should mean just that to us making the second amendment and the rest of the U.S. Constitution closed for debate. For now on, as an American extremist, I hold all **soviet styled media corporations in contempt any time they stir up debates endangering the U.S. Constitution by their steering the people towards a contrived false consensus.

    Once again, unlike those cowards operating under a false power, with these being those impostors who hide behind mysterious agencies and organizations, we should be open and above board regarding our diligent influencing of those who serve in the police force, in the military, and under those destabilizing senior editors within the soviet styled media corporations.

    *While misinformation is a blatant lie, disinformation is created by stringing together certain false dichotomies in such a way as to confuse the people away from the one true dichotomy, with this being that one conflict which has been enduring forever between the disadvantaged people and their burden to control tyranny.

    **soviet styled media corporations are the same the world over and always have been. These have existed forever prior to modern times serving as the king's media. These would be those who worked as his sayers, as traveling troubadours who would speak officially of the royal decrees reminding all commoners of their lot in life, how the king was the owner of all property and things, and how they themselves owned nothing. In contrast today, the right of a free press allows the commoner people to remind the king and his necessary tyranny how they are, in fact, the ones who are the trespassing borrowers of all things as it is the people, by natural law, who are the true owners.
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    Within a house of cards
    The official language spoken by the commoners ushers forth from the mouth of a king
    Just as his thoughts influence the standards for what the cognitive sciences determine to be the picture of mental health
    While all the complex conclusions established by the physical sciences
    Are subject to the irrationality of his laws
    As his naive lawyers abuse and exploit by way of officially deeming certain certificates of expertise as legal
    While also determining what will become the school curriculum
    All this amounting to an empty box of goods
    A society lacking of any nutritive value
    All counterfeited, devoided, and abandoned without any quality
    A house of cards.
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    A parable on the irrationality of the news media
    by Uncle Emanuel Watkins

    Once sat little noticed within the midst of a busy market a stranger calling out to everyone asking of them to gather around him, if they possibly could, so that they might guess the name of the great deceiver.
    "Why, tis on your hand there!" claimed a nearby commoner, a peasant man standing within a large crowd that had gathered, as they all began pointing their fingers at a hand puppet the mysterious fellow had fitted upon his right hand as he would a mitten, "It clearly gives the name of the deceiver right there across the front of his bloody little shirt for cripes sake! Take a look! Tis plainly says 'misinformer!'"
    "Ah, so it does indeed!" responded the mysterious fellow as he sat meekly pretending to appear embarrassed having been taken aback by the unnoticed misinformant he had adorned upon his right hand.
    As the people wondered at the fool shaking their heads at him while beginning to wander off at his big waste of their time, a little cry could be heard hardly audible by a wee little babe wrapped up ever so preciously within a blanket, "Wahh!"
    "What's that I hear!" the mysterious fellow blurted out, "Do you mean to doubt me? Bring that wee little fellow back to me this instance!"
    Puzzled at the tomfoolery being performed, the crowd of commoners also returned along with the mother and her little babe.
    "Wahh!" the little baby repeated in defiance.
    "Oh, yee can't possibly know ah' thing about what mah' little feller' here is ah cryin'!" proclaimed the baby's mother quite eloquently.
    "Much to the contrary, but I do understand his words madam!" the mysterious fellow said challenging her notion.
    "How so?" the woman maintained her claim. "For my precious feller' here is a Protestant while yee over yonder clearly shares the blood of a Catholic!"
    "Still!" the mysterious fellow proclaimed while rising up from his seat his action causing a stir amongst the crowd making them back away. "The wee boy here is surely right in his contention that this little misinformant fit upon my right hand is not the true deceiver of yee masses!"
    "But how can yee possibly prove such a supposition?" came a meager inquiry from an old wretch standing towards the rear.
    "Behold!" the mysterious man cried out while suddenly ripping away a cloak he had been wearing to conceal his true identity.
    "Scream!" a woman shouted frightfully in response while others in the crowd also became hysterical.
    "What in bloody hell does that devil got on em!" grunted an old split-pea farmer angrily. "What's he got spelt upon that tee-shirt of his?"
    "Tis says "disinformer" on it," came a response from a nearby eagle-eyed wench.
    "What now?" the old farmer turn to ask her directly.
    "It says "disinformer" on it!" she replied again.
    "And jest' what in pray-tell is the difference between a misinformer and a disinformer?" they all asked him in unison.
    "Well," concluded the mysterious stranger, "while a misinformer will be expected to tell her lies in a predictable way in order to survive, a disinformer won't be expected when he tells his assortment of truths in a chaotic way in order to confuse."
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    The media corporations need to be made aware of how they will be held accountable one day [B]not[/B] for their misinformation, but for their disinformation. This thoughtless disinforming of the American people is why they shall one day be held in contempt of the people and their Civil Purpose.
    I am providing a definition to be passed out as leaflets showing how the media corporations have become partners with the deceivers who are confusing the American people.
    As a dichotomy is how reality divides itself up into opposing parts, the media has been working with tyranny to pervert the new order our Founders once established, the effect which has left us all abandoned as client children to the law. The true dichotomy our Founders envisioned originally involved a disadvantaged people and their desire to control tyranny. Over time, the media have managed to poison this new order, the natural law our Founders declared within The Declaration of Independence, by the injection of endless false dichotomies. Examples of these false dichotomies are black versus white, male versus female, old versus young, rich versus poor, and so on. All these false dichotomies are very shallow as they are very sophist in their nature, an effect which has caused confusion within the people of the United States leading them astray distracting them from what should be the one true dichotomy itself.
    To backtrack, as the philosophical argument goes, as the ultimate Truth itself would be considered unapproachable and thus incomprehensible by the mind, then the best one can understand what they see of life would be as a mere interpretation, with these images seen manifesting as a person's own personal "reality." To express what I'm claiming here in another way, in order for an individual to be able to interpret (realize) an expression of the Truth, life has to be sliced up in some form of a dichotomy so the mind can comprehend it. Think of the function of a digestive system.
    This explains the differences between one who is an out and out misinforming liar, and one who is a far worse disinforming deceiver. In contrast to a liar who will just misinform, a deceiver will disinform by a process of taking many parts of many expert truths in order to piece them together into a deceitful puzzle.
    Hope this helps explain how the media corporations have been in contempt of the people and their Civil Purpose. While they like to cause controversy by claiming our Founders to be of an old way, thus subverting the new order they so thoughtfully established for us, the media offer no alternative order as a replacement.
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