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Cop Block Tour - Eastern US from Jan 18th to Feb 21st

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The Cop Block Tour is happening right now. It started on January 18th in Keene, New Hampshire and ends on February 21st in Nashua, New Hampshire at the 2013 Liberty Forum where Pete Eyre of Cop Block will be speaking. The Tour goes through the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast.

Click on the official page to stay up to date on the Tour. Click on the official page to see the calendar and latest info on the Tour.

Here is the run down.

Kicking-off from Keene, NH in mid-January and ending a month and almost 4,000-miles later at the Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH, the Cop Block Tour seeks to facilitate local, on-the-ground connections, brainstorming and the sharing ideas and tactics, and collaboration, to grow and make more effective efforts for police accountability.

Each of the stops is sure to be different based on the individuals present and town size and layout, but will likely include:

getting acquainted with like-minded folks from your area
sharing best-practices on how to safeguard ones rights
delving into ideas on how best to achieve accountability
brainstorming future efforts to have a positive impact
Copblocking and outreach to others in the area

Future tours may include know your rights trainings, coordinated outreach, in-depth investigations, and more.
How You Can Help The Cop Block Tour

cb-propaganda-contest-whoownsyou-212x265If you live in one of the cities that does not yet have a meetup location and time listed, feel free to suggest one by either weighing-in on the related Facebook Event or by emailing The ideal location will have parking nearby and be a place where a small group can meet and chat. Past locations have included restaurants, meeting rooms, colleges, etc. Bonus points if the location is in an area or near to an area where Copblocking or outreach can occur, if folks present area interested.
Put an posting on the most-relevant areas of the Craigslist pages where tour stops are to happen. Even a sentence trying to reach those interested in police accountability, or text copied/pasted from this page, will work great. Just be sure to include a link to this page or to the event for the stop in the specific city. Feel free to attach any graphics on this, or any other page at, including
Put this page on the radar of those in your sphere.
Encourage friends in cities where the tour is to stop to join the meetup. The more good people who connect the better!
Recommend stories that should be covered as the tour rolls into each area either weighing-in on the related Facebook Event or by emailing
Donate to help cover tour-related expenses Getting this tour funded will be a good indicator that such a tactic can be replicated in the future on an even more-robust scale.
Share your feedback or ideas on how this tour can have a bigger impact by emailing

The Cop Block Tour vehicle a 1996 6.5L turbo diesel Tahoe