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Alex Jones to Debate Piers Morgan LIVE! 1/7/12 9PM ET (video added)

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Fact Check Debate: Alex Jones Vs. Piers Morgan

Fact checking Alex Jones is no easy task, especially when he made over 30 statements in a 10 minute clip. This is only a partial list of statements, a full report would take days to dissect.
Alex Jones

* FBI says thereís a 20%+ rate drop in crime: True, but over many years, not just in a single year
* About 74% of about 11,000+ gun homicides in the US were gang related: As an average, True
* 190,000 people died from hospital infections: Couldnít find recent data but in 2009 it was the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, and this 2012 article putís it around the same rank
* The Number 1 killer in history is ďgovernmentsĒ who killed 292 millions people in the 21st Century: True
* Britain took your guns 15-16 years ago and it tripled violent crime: True. Britain is the most violent country in Europe
* Michael Springman head of (inaudible) department blew the whistle that the hijackers were allowed into the US: Potentially True. A lot of news outlets reported on this. Hereís one.
* Mexico, total gun ban on citizens, over 50,000 died in three years: True
* German fasle-flag firebomb April 27th 1933: [B]True[B]
* Mega banks have bragged that they have taken over in Bloomberg, AP. True, this has been said on those outlets. Iíve seen them personally but donít have time to dig around for them.
* Criminal elements of the military industrial complex were behind 9/11: Unknown, but history will tell.
* Criminal factions of the US Military were behind Gulf of Tonkin: True, Robert McNamara said publicly that it was a false flag.
* Criminal elements of the military industrial complex were behind Operation Gladio: True
* Why donít you go back and face charges for the hacking scandal? True
* Why did you get fired from the daily mirror for putting out fake stories? True
* The government buys 1.6 billion bullets last year : True
* The number 1 cause of death is suicide: Couldnít find solid 2011 or 2012 data but suicide is in the top 10 and has climbed every year for over a decade. Link
* Why donít you want to get rid of drugs? Because theyíre half your sponsors? This is an exaggeration but a lot of drug companies advertise on CNN.
* 3 times the amount of people are killed with rocks, pipes, knives: Need more information, but this number is higher than you think.
* Murder with a semi automatic weapon is very low. Unknown but Hand Guns are #1 but a long shot. Here.
* Mao killed 80 million people because he was the only guy who had the guns: Estimates vary widely, with 80,000,000 on the very HIGH end.
* Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in Europe, and your country (Britain) has the highest: True

Piers Morgan

There were 35 gun murders in Britain last year: True

America has the most guns out of 23 of the richest countries in the world: True

He didnít make too many statements.


  1. Weston White's Avatar
    Just to add, there are only around 8,000 homicides involving guns every year, the remaining several thousand are due to other weapons or were justified killings.

    Also in Britain, there were over sixty gun related murders.

    I had wrote a run-through in reply to a Huffington Post comment, which includes many figures and whatnot: