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FACT: The United States actually voted for 'Nobody' in 2012

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FACT: The United States voted 'NOBODY, 2012'

In *2011* the *voting age population* of the USA was 237,657,645. It's obviously even more in 2012.

61,173,739 voted for Obama.
58,167,260 voted for Romney.

That is 119,340,999 out of a total voting age population of 237,657,645.

That means that *more than half* of the population voted for *NOBODY*. Approximately 24.4% of the voting age population voted for Romney. Approximately 25.7% of the voting age population voted for Obama. Literally, about twice as many people of voting age voted for nobody as *either* Obama or Romney.

What does this mean?

It means that *over half* of the voting age public (understandably) believes that it is not worth their time to vote for the options presented, or vote for the system at all. Some (rightly) believe that it is simply one big sick joke.

In any case, ultimately this means that over half of the voting population has completely rejected 'our' system of governance, or at the very least the system that determines who will run the system of governance.

It is particularly disturbing that only about *one fifth* (those of the total population who voted for Obama) of the population has decided how to dictate the lives of the entire population (312 million people).

I'm not a fan of democracy - as it is the tyranny of the majority over the minority. However, *this isn't even democracy* - this is the tyranny of the minority over the majority, backed by the aggression of the State.

It is a sick farce.

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