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I am glad Obama won.

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Allow me to elaborate.

First, Romney is at best better than Obama by only the thinnest margin. As far as I am concerned he does not so much as approach the threshold for minimal suitability to the office. Had Romney prevailed, what I call the "hope" or "tolerance" gauge would have been reset to a much higher reading as people relaxed into the lifeboat of fairy tales that their normalcy bias provides them. Having reelected Obama, fully half of the nation is now approaching critical stress levels in terms of their hopes for the future and their tolerance of what we know is likely to be coming down the pike in short order.

The elites have either committed a serious error here or they have something very dramatic and rapid up their sleeves. I suspect the latter.

It is clear that our Lame-Duck in Chief will be going balls to the walls over the coming four years. He has nothing at all to lose by going blood simple on the sad remains of the USA. Not 48 hours after securing his second term he has made firm plans to get the USA under UN arms control mandates. As we can see, he is wasting no time and the imagination reels at the possibilities that are yet to come down the pike.

Next, it is further clear that our system is broken beyond conventional repair. It is clear to me since election day that somewhere along the line of the past several years a critical mass of the people of this nation has crossed a threshold into profound insanity from which the common remedies will have no positive effect. Working "within the system", as commonly taken, is no longer a viable option to those who wish to live in freedom. The keepers are no longer interested in what we think and in such terms they fear us not in the least. It is very clear to anyone with eyes that we are now on a greatly accelerated schedule for the implementation of the globalist agenda. The conventional avenues of redress are now effectively cut off, the players going through the motions for the sake of buying time only.

Recovery measures in days past were nothing more than cosmetic palliatives designed to calm the common savage when the sting of the master's roughshod hooves on his back approached the unbearable. In EVERY case of such "recoveries" the net outcome has ALWAYS been loss of freedom for "us" and further acquisition of power for "them" I can think of not a single example of a contrary outcome over the past 100 years and more.

The implication in all this is that our avenues of redress have become intolerably narrow. Unconventional operations within the system perhaps remain to us even now as producing results worth the mention, but I cannot see this as viable in actuality because the population on both sides of the "aisle", so to speak, are as yet unable to connect the dots into a coherent picture of what is really happening. I have no reason to believe that the average American political ignoramus is going to be in any better position in six months or a year or even four than he is today. Therefore the window of opportunity along this avenue is now only narrowly open and is accelerating to its closed position.

That leaves but one option that I can see: open rebellion. We are almost certainly staring this impossibly narrow choice in the kisser and when it is put to you, I suspect you will have no luxury of time to sit and quietly consider the only two options open to you: fight or capitulate. At some point each of us will be assessed most explicitly as either being with them or against them. To be with them means capitulation to the tyrant and a life of effective slavery thinly veiled with but the shabbiest and most soviet trappings of "freedom" - that word having been so tortuously redefined as to hold no relationship to the concept it originally represented. Your life would not qualify as even marginally worth the living by my standard of assessment. It would in fact not be a life, but a mere existence for which you would come to welcome the prospect of the release that death held out to your feverishly miserable spirit.

To be assessed as against them will mean fighting for your life or being either killed on the spot or socked away in a dank cell until you die or are taken for "reeducation", a fate that our twentieth century examples of same would suggest as being far and away worse than death.

Since last Tuesday, I have come to believe with non-trivial force that each of us will indeed be called upon to pay the piper whose music our forebears set themselves to dancing and to which we acceded in kind with such blindly ignorant glee. I suspect it will come suddenly and in the manner of a "shock and awe" campaign at the hands of a juggernaut that will be on the move with guns and other means of non-equivocation, which is to say that the gloves will be completely off at that time.

Continue to put it off if you will, but when that day comes all such luxury shall be denied you and if you care in the least about what shall be the quality of your life moving forward, you'd better hope like hell that you make the right choice, not to mention the right preparations.

As always, may I be proven wrong on every point. May Obama prove me wrong, bringing us back to the light of freedom. There is nothing I want more than to be proven the fool, but my reason tells me I shall not be so rewarded. Nevertheless, I shall hope against hope... as I make preparations of my own.

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