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Rand Paul campaigning for Romney or himself in New Hampshire? [Video]

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40 minutes C-SPAN video of New Hampshire liberty candidates and Rand Paul speaking at the University of New Hampshire on October 18th. Notice how there is little mention of Mitt Romney. Most of the video is a New Hampshire liberty pow wow, Rand Paul telling stories and Rand Paul saying bad things about Obama.

At 1:20 in the video, a liberty state rep (Republican Adam Schroadter, Rockingham 17 (Newfields, Newmarket) (Endorsed by NHLA) (Endorsed by RLCNH)) introduced Andy Sanborn. At 3:25 in the video, Adam mentioned Bob Goodman (Republican Robert D. Goodman, Rockingham 36 (Exeter, Newfields, Newmarket, Stratham) (Endorsed by RLCNH)), a guy who worked on the 2012 Ron Paul campaign in New Hampshire (they are both running in the town of Newmarket for the NH House).

At 4:15 Adam mentioned Sen. Andy Sanborn [Republican Andy Sanborn, Senate District 9 (Cheshire County: Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Jaffrey, Richmond, Troy; Hillsborough County: Bedford, Greenfield, Hancock, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Peterborough, Sharon, Temple) (Endorsed by Ron Paul) (Endorsed Ron Paul while serving as a state senator) (Recommended by RLCNH) (Endorsed by Sen. Jim Forsythe)] and his wife [Republican Laurie Sanborn, Hillsborough 41 (Amherst, Bedford) (Endorsed by NHLA) (Recommended by RLCNH)].

At 5:40, Andy mentioned Rep. Ron Paul. At 5:55, Andy mentioned NH Sen. Jim Forsythe. Andy Sanborn introduced Rand Paul at 8:20.

Sen. Rand Paul mentions Murphy's Taproom in Manchester at 18:00. It is owned by Keith [Republican Keith Murphy, Hillsborough 7 (Bedford) (Endorsed by NHLA) (Endorsed by RLCNH) (Endorsed Ron Paul while serving as a state rep)] and Kelleigh [Republican Kelleigh Murphy, Hillsborough 7 (Bedford) (Endorsed by NHLA) (Endorsed by RLCNH)].

At 37:05 in, NH Rep. Bill O'Connor [Republican William O’Connor, Strafford 4 (Barrington) (Endorsed by NHLA) (Endorsed by RLCNH)] and his daughter take a picture with Rand Paul.

Please like the Facebook pages of the people mentioned in the video:
Adam Schroadter for NH State Representative - District 12
Friends of Bob Goodman
Andy Sanborn for State Senate
Laurie Sanborn for State Representative
Ron Paul
Jim Forsythe For State Senate
Rand Paul
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  1. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    Earlier in the day, Rand Paul spoke at a free stater owned bar in Manchester where he spoke to mostly GOP insiders.

    There is a low quality video of his speech in Manchester. The Manchester speech does include Q & A, though