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Keith and stuff

FreeStaters have wrecked the State of New Hampshire!

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Democratic Candidate for New Hampshire House, John White, explained how Free Staters have taken over the New Hampshire legislature with a crazy rant at the Wolfeboro, NH Candidate Debate on October 18, 2012.


  1. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    If you want to see the whole debate, here you go.
  2. snowdog2012's Avatar
    Hopefully his obsession with Free Staters gets alot of press for the FSP
    Updated 11-08-2012 at 02:09 PM by snowdog2012
  3. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    All of the Republicans at that debate won (including the pro-liberty Republican) and all of the Democrats at that debate lost (including the 1 you are thinking of).
  4. snowdog2012's Avatar
    I thought he lost.

    NH state webpage I was viewing wasnt clear and must have been reporting his primary win.
  5. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    White did the worst of the 4 candidates in the 2 seat district. The pro-liberty candidate did the best.

    State Representatives - CARROLL County
    District No. 6 (2)
    Schmidt, r
    Ahlgren, r
    Woods, d
    White, d