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Ron Paul Loves the Free State Project!

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This interview was just released tonight.

Rep. Ron Paul talks with Mark Edge of Free Talk Live about what’s next, & gives a fresh endorsement to the Free State Project! Among other nice things about the FSP, he said, “I love the idea of the Free State movement and hopefully they can sent the example for others to follow.” There is also a sound cloud version if you don't like Youtube:

Actually, Ron Paul takes a similar view of the FSP as I do. He sees it as a possible way of making a good difference in 1 state and then hopefully New Hampshire may be used as an example to show how freedom can work in other states. I'm trying to bring about freedom in NH so that the rest of the world may be free.

It is funny because Ron Paul is criticized by warmongers are statists the same way some liberty activists criticize the Free State Project. Some people call Ron Paul an isolationist because he wants the US to interact with all counties. Some people say the FSP is about focusing all liberty activism on New Hampshire. I see it as a way to prove that freedom works in 1 state. Currently, we have 50 free state projects all at the same time. All 50 have been failures for 100s of years. It isn't working. I see the FSP as a way to prove freedom works in 1 small population, small area state, with an accessible government. In other words, it is the easiest state to free. Once we prove freedom works, we can try to spread it all of the world! Go Ron Paul!

Part of this blog post was originally posted on Free Keene. If you don't want to download the file, stream the interview on the Free Keene post.

Ron Paul Loves the Free State Project!
October 14, 2012 by Ian
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