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October 15th Andy Sanborn for NH Senate Money Bomb & other info

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You remember NH Senator Andy Sanborn, right? He was a co-chair of Ron Paul's New Hampshire campaign. Ron Paul's Liberty PAC believes strongly and donated to Andy's reelection campaign. However, the state Senate district only leans slightly Republican and Andy's opponent is promising to vote the way his liberal lawyers want him to if they donate large amounts of money to his campaign. Because of his, Andy's liberal opponent has raised an unusually large amount of money. Andy's opponent has raised more money that Andy! Andy needs our help!

Please donate to Andy Sanborn on October 15th!

Even if you cannot donate, you can still help by:

Subscribing to future emails http://andy4senate.us1.list-manage.c...&id=9e66dd05ad
Liking Andy Sanborn on Facebook
Following Andy Sanborn on Twitter

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Here is the most recent email for the Andy Sanborn for State Senate campaign. Well, actually, the email had a bunch of addition links in it. This is most of the email, though. Subscribe to the email list to see the full emails in the future.

Andy Sanborn for State Senate
Dear Friend,

New Hampshire is a unique and wonderful state: with our low taxes, low spending, and strong regard for individual liberties, we stand apart from most other states in our dedication to the ideals of limited government.

It's called the "New Hampshire Advantage," and I'm running for re-election to the State Senate to preserve and strengthen it. More than anything, my goal is to get Granite Staters back to work, and help protect the small businesses that create most of the jobs in this state.

This is why we're having our "Preserve the NH Advantage" Money Bomb tomorrow, Oct. 15th. A "money bomb" is an online fundraising drive where supporters all come together and donate to a candidate they belive in.

Please join with other liberty-lovers by making your most generous contribution online before midnight tomorrow so that I can keep fighting for common sense solutions and standing up for the Constitution in Concord.

As you may know, this race is going to be close, and our opponent has nearly unlimited funding coming in from his trial lawyer friends whom he has promised to help from "the inside" of the Senate.

Because I'm not willing to peddle influence and sell my seat, I'm relying on grassroots donors like you to help my campaign over the finish line.

Tomorrow is the fundraising deadline for this period, so please donate before midnight tomorrow to help Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage.

My opponent refuses to take the pledge against an income tax or sales tax - he has even said that raising taxes is "necessary!"

I don't know about you, but I think that our government needs to spend the money it brings in more wisely, not raise taxes on struggling families in the middle of a recession.

As a State Senator, I've never voted for a tax increase, a fee increase, or an unbalanced budget. I've always looked to find ways to eliminate waste and make sure our government is spending your tax dollars wisely.

I hope I can count on your most generous contribution before midnight tomorrow to help me Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage.

Thank you so much for your support.



Upcoming events (stay tuned to our events page for updates!):

Monday, Oct. 15th "Preserve the NH Advantage" Money Bomb

Monday, Oct. 15th 7pm Live debate with Kathy Benuck on Bedford Community Television

Wednesday, Oct. 17th 5pm Phone bank at the Ovide office, 1750 Elm St., Manchester, NH

Monday, Oct. 22nd 5:30pm Fundraiser with Ovide Lamontagne, candidate for Governor, location TBA

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd 5:30pm Meet and Greet at Molly's Tavern, 35 Mount Vernon Rd, New Boston, NH

Friday, Oct. 26th 7am Live debate with Rich Girard on 90.7 FM

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