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Bastiat's The Law

Explaining the Liberty Scale to measure candidates

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I love the liberty scale because you sort of know what you're getting. It's also a prudent approach looking towards the future by not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

★★★★★ - Green Five stars is essentially Ron Paul incarnate. So good you have to slap yourself silly to believe this person really exists!

★★★★★ - Five stars you're getting someone that agrees with us 99.9% of the time and will be one of the best House or Senator members in decades!

★★★★ - Four stars you're essentially getting a Mike Lee who is damn good on nearly everything, but might have to dial back their rhetoric concerning an issue or two. We'll still agree 90-95% of the time and they'll be a great ally at your side on the issues we do agree upon.

★★★ - Three stars you're mostly getting a Jim Demint type. Someone that is a fiscal hawk and wants to slash and burn the size of government. There's still good potential they can be brought around on other liberty issues. We'll agree 70-80% of the time on most pressing issues.

★★ - Two stars we'll agree on maybe 40-50% of the issues. A Jeff Flake could probably fit into this category, unless you guys have a better example of a two star Congressman or Senator?

★ - One star you're getting someone that is a one trick pony, a candidate that *might* be of help in one focused area of the liberty spectrum, usually curtailing government spending or maybe a civil liberties lion. The tricky part is measuring this one beneficial area with the other issues where they might be horribly wrong in.

No stars you are the arch enemy of liberty and we WILL defeat you! Goodbye Lindsey Graham.


  1. sailingaway's Avatar
    Does it include civil liberties yet? Because if they may have voted for NDAA or the Patriot Act they are not Paul incarnate regardless of their other attributes.
  2. Christian Liberty's Avatar
    Just saw this. So just curious, in your opinion, how good is good enough? Would you suggest we vote for three star types? Two star types?

    Also, where are you rating someone like Ted Cruz on a scale like this? Where would you put an honest progressive like Dennis Kucinich on a scale like this? (Personally I'd say three stars on Cruz and either one or two stars on Kucinich, but I'm not sure.)
  3. CaptLouAlbano's Avatar
    [QUOTE=FreedomFanatic;bt1490]Just saw this. So just curious, in your opinion, how good is good enough? Would you suggest we vote for three star types? Two star types?[/QUOTE]

    Truth is, you can only vote for someone if they are running in your district or state. The purpose of candidate evaluation is to see which candidates that activists can choose to support financially and/or with volunteer hours. For example, I cannot vote for Greg Brannon since I don't live in NC, but the $5000 I sent him will result in a lot of votes.