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Growing Pot to Fight Terrorism UPDATE

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Hello All.

This is Cornbreads Wife, Just to let you all know October 28th, 2011 he pled out at 8 years at 30% they said if he took it to trail they would ask for 30 years and in a small town they would make it happen just like the REBA song the judge in the town has bloodstains on his hands the governemnt does not care about the small towns so all people here get railroaded unless you were born and raised here or your family runs the local government offices. he was told if he had 30,000 dollars it could go away, why is that? Why should how much money you give them lessen the crime??? With his goodtime he will be home in December 2012, thanks for prayers answered.

He is a Good Man and has done nothing to justify 8 years when people are out there creating the DEVIL DRUG (METH) that could kill anyone in the area that it is being manufactured and destroys peoples lives and the human body from the inside out. our Government has became a TYRANY enough said................

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