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Originally Posted by Feeding the Abscess
Why, Jim? You were saying Romneycare should be taken nationally just a few short years ago:
The sooner schmucks like DeMint are shown the door, the better.
I am proud to respond to this sad criticism of a man who has done so much for the movement:

Quote Originally Posted by Spoa View Post
This is going to be a little long of a response, so I'm going to summarize what I am about to say in three words: JIM DEMINT ROCKS!!!

I love the liberty movement started by Congressman Ron Paul. People like him, Senator Rand Paul, Rep. Justin Amash make me proud to be part of this movement. But it's quotes like these by some in the movement that leaves me shaking my head.

Jim Demint has been a strong supporter of Ron Paul. I know that some in this movement will complain that he endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008, but that was because it was either Romney or McCain in his opinion (,2933,242547,00.html). Was he wrong? We will all disagree, but I believe that his attempt to find somebody more conservative than Senator McCain was good and that his heart was in the right place.

But Jim Demint has always shown a deep respect for Rep. Ron Paul, even sacrificing his own credentials with some of his followers (See link here: .

Jim Demint has been fond of Rep. Ron Paul and has expressed his belief that Ron Paul has a lot to offer in the party:

I think it is well known that Senator Jim Demint has helped the Liberty Movement in several ways, even though he isn't perfect:
1) Obviously, he endorsed now-Senator Rand Paul:
2) Before Senator Paul came to the Senate (becoming the lead sponsor of Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill), Jim Demint was one of the leading senators to support it:
3) And when Senator Rand Paul tried to introduce amendments last year to fight the Patriot Act, Jim Demint was one of the few to stand with him:
4) And Jim Demint voted against the final NDAA:
5) Jim Demint has been a leader in fighting wasteful spending:
6) Jim Demint voted for Rand Paul's amendment on the NDAA:
7) Jim Demint supports Rand Paul's budget, which makes cuts to the Pentagon and Defense.

Jim Demint has received a lot of praise from Ron Paul and his supporters:
1) Ron Paul released a statement here, praising Jim Demint:
2) Jim Demint voted for Rand Paul's amendment to end the Iraq War (getting him praise from Jack Hunter):
3) Senator Lindsey Graham criticized Jim Demint as an isolationist:

I could continue on and on about Jim Demint, but I think I will end here with my closing statement: Jim Demint is not a perfect senator. There are no perfect senators, because there are no perfect human beings. But Jim Demint is valuable to the liberty movement. Criticizing him is one thing, but acting or insinuating that he is a terrible senator or that he is evil or something is just plain ridiculous. I want to publicly thank Senator Jim Demint for his years of service to our nation, and I hope that all in the liberty movement will be fair and recognize the good that he has done. Thanks.