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Amash considers resigning from Congress after feeling heat from a vote

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This movement is beginning to disgust me. You people claim you want honest people in Congress, and you get them. And then just because you have one disagreement with them, you lambast them, for a SINGLE vote. (Seriously?) The man has a different opinion, good for him! The problem with you people is that you're so damn unwilling to compromise a single bit. Don't you get it? That's how politics works, that's how life works. If you believe otherwise, that's how we got where we are now, in this partisan mess where nothing ever gets done. There are times to stand for what you believe in, and there are times where you need to find a solution that everyone can agree on. You people should be applauding Amash for his actions, don't you get that he's probably one of the ONLY Congressmen who hasn't just outright sold his soul for votes? You're basically telling him, "No, Mr. Amash, we want you to sell your soul, to us." And how dare anyone tell him that! That's so incredibly disrespectful for all the work he's put in for you people, over one vote, shame on you.

There, I said it. Let the ranting on my post begin.
Patriot 123 has said my view better than I could have ever said it. Great for him!