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Some Observations - A Copy/Paste Argument I Wrote For You

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Not only are we a Constitutional Republic, and not a Democracy. But we're a Representative Constitutional Republic. In America, your vote represents your voice. Your vote is also entirely a representation of the policies you support, in the officials you vote for. So, the Obama supporters indeed have some explaining to do for their failure to research policies/legislative records (and for failure to provide a trustworthy President). But, do not think that fellow Republicans & Conservatives are not scrutinized for their failures to provide a decent President (in a while). George W. Bush may have been glorified for many things, and many of these positions are hypocrisy to what America stands for. The Bush supporting Republicans have a lot of explaining to do as well, for getting us involved in a perpetual war that is not within the best interest of the country. Not to mention the Patriot Act, among other things.

Now, to more recent events. The "Anyone But Obama" people have some explaining to do. In a Representative Republic, your vote represents your voice (as I stated). This means the people jumping on the bandwagon for Mitt Romney, also must advocate the policies that man supports. As well as, being entirely responsible (if he's elected), for any failures to provide a decent candidate.

This is why the entire "Blindly Following The Party Lines" is a flawed mentality. You don't have to vote Republican or Democrat, and you surely don't have to jump on the Populist Bandwagon of supporting who the GOP is pushing upon you. Yes, I'm a Ron Paul supporter. I will not vote Romney. Why? As I stated, your vote represents your voice. I support the policies that Ron Paul espouses, and I do not support the policies that Obama/Romney advocates. I do not support the suspension of habeas corpus, or assault weapon bans. I do not support the United Nations, or the Federal Reserve. I do not support Federal Healthcare Programs, and a World-Wide Military Empire. These are not positions I support, therefore, I will not support the candidate(s) which advocate those policies.

Before you proclaim that Ron Paul supporters are the new Ross Perrot supporters. The error in using this argument, is that you presume Ross Perrot wasn't the better candidate (when he was). This implies that the majority was wrong, and not the Ross Perrot supporters. Behaving like you belong in a Democracy, by trying to condemn people who will not blindly fall in line with the mainstream candidate. Is precisely why Ron Paul supporters (a majority of them, anyway), will not fall in line to elect Mitt Romney. Just because the Mitt Romney supporters are the majority, doesn't make them in the right. This is why we're not a Democracy, because the minority can be oppressed by the majority. The folks that are jumping on the "Anyone But Obama" bandwagon, in order to fall behind Mitt Romney. Simply are, behaving like we live in a Democracy. How so? They're trying to lead us by mob rule, by attempting to push the blame on us for not becoming part of their mob. You see this mob blatantly, between the Republicans and Democrats. They point fingers at one another, without holding themselves (and their representatives) accountable for their own actions, failures, and corruption. The two mobs vilify any candidate, and their supporters, which do not adhere to the "mainstream ideology" of what their mob now represents. The mainstreamed majority that exist with the Republicans and Democrats, have simply transitioned into a Mob Rule. This is why it's so difficult to convert individuals that exist as part of the collective mob they originally fell in line with.

We all know that Ron Paul is the only true Jeffersonian Republican, because his policies speak that philosophy. It's what Republicanism actually meant when this country was founded. We also know the Federalist party was the rival to the Republican Party in the late 1700's and early 1800's (around the era of the Republican Revolution d` 1800). The Federalist party is also where the Democratic Party evolved from. The issue that we're seeing, is that the mainstream Republican policies have slowly transitioned into the equivalent of Federalist Philosophy. The Federal Reserve? Centralized, and many Republicans support it. That's not a Republican belief, simply because, Republicans support decentralization. This is one thing that makes Ron Paul stick out as a true republican. Another would be foreign policy, because military bases are Federal Government institutions. A world-wide military empire contradicts the idea of conservative beliefs, because those are institutions that expand the government. This is one thing that makes Ron Paul stick out as the true Republican as well. Things like Federal Healthcare, are obviously not Republican positions either. Why? It bypasses state governments (also unconstitutional), and goes to the Federal Government. This is also a key sign that Ron Paul is the only true Republican. Foreign Aid is another area in which Ron Paul shows himself to be the only true Republican. Why? Foreign Aid is taken by taxation, and this is siphoned from the people towards the Federal Government. This is also not a Republican position, due to centralizing resources, instead of leaving that personal decision among the people (decentralized). Ron Paul is also the only one willing to abolish Federal Income Tax (not just nibble at the tax code), this is also a Republican position.

The war on drugs is also hypocritical to Republican beliefs. Why? Firstly, it's Federally Criminalized (thus, bypassing states), which is not a Republican position. It also increases the size of government in order to police drug users, which is also not a Republican position. The war on drugs also takes control out of the hands of the family (Family Values are part of Conservatism), and grants that power to the Government (Families cannot protect their loved ones from the government in this scenario). This is clearly not a Republican position either. Not to mention, the increased taxation in order to fund the expanding police state/government which is required to maintain a war on those same drugs. Which is also not a Republican position, and the war on drugs is clearly not a policy in which Ron Paul supports. Unlike his competitors, this is why Ron Paul is the only real Republican. We can clearly see that the policies supported by Mitt Romney, and other Republican Political Figures, are hypocritical to the Republican Platform.


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    Who IS A Patriot? Patriotism has come to mean; "support whoever is in power". With the Patriot act in force there can be no other interpretation. Therefore our citizenry has been divided by titles, terms, and agendas. The key to communisum takeover is to divide.
    Those who like to divide promote Communisum principles. You be the judge. What was meant to be, is not necessarily what has become.
    That is why what is meant to be must be guarded by the blood and votes of Patriots who protect what is supposed to be. A Terrorist, terrifies by force of an agenda that is contrary to what is supposed to be. Go figure.
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