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Now is your time.

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I'm going to be completely and totally counterintuitive. I'm going to say the opposite of what most of the "we can still win!" people are saying on the boards. I'm going to ask you to do something that should come easily to some, and leave others wondering what I'm smoking.

Now is your time.

Now is not the time for another Money Bomb after this one. Now is not the time to wait for the campaign to guide you. Now is not the time to sit around and wait for the inevitable tipping point that signals your chance to say "I TOLD YOU SO!" and offer your unique and utterly unsolicited post-show commentary. Now is not the time to turn towards 2016, or to cry that the sky is falling and plan on how you will take out thousands of armed police and military with nothing but a stick of gum and a paperclip.

When everything burns up, you start with the smallest thing. People are taught that when they lose function in a limb, the smallest victory gets the ball rolling to recovery. Those with memory loss cling to the slightest tickle of a recollection. Ladies and gentlemen: we are still waiting for that smallest thing.

Donations during Money Bombs are nice. It's great to encourage people to hone their energy on one event, one date, that can inspire them to dig a little deeper. Unfortunately, at this point the campaign just needs money. I don't think they care much if you donated yesterday, or today, or if you have to wait until your next paycheck clears this coming week. It's your time to donate whenever you can, and to ask others to chip in whatever they can. Spread the word that Ron is not only still running, but that he plans to run all the way through the Convention. Promote it as an anti-Romney gesture. Point out that Romney is losing to Obama in nearly every poll now, so the "Obama will win if Ron stays in" meme is tired and untrue.

The big huge Momma Bird known as the official campaign is not there to help you. Much to the chagrin of those of us who went through this in 2007/2008, the outreach is not there at the level you might expect. I was told to sign up and fill out a bunch of things (some of which were on the official website) in order to express interest in becoming a delegate. I never heard a peep. I sent in questions to folks regarding the process in Florida when it was changed, and never heard back. I actually got way more responses from non-Paul Floridians than I did from the campaign. Who's there? Local folks. Get in touch with people from your area. See where your state, district, county, etc., are in their process, and how you can get involved. If everything's already done, then see how you can volunteer to help others accomplish their goals. Most states are still picking delegates. This is about you, locally, and your experience is likely to be absolutely unique.

The campaign is not over. It needs money, it needs delegates, and it needs your voice in Florida this summer if you can spare it. None of that is really done with the approval and cooperation of the forums at large. You really have to dig in, educate yourself, and find your local contacts.

This is about you deciding to keep going. Ron can still win something in your district, your county, your state, your country; you just have to figure out what you can do to get him there.

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    We need a spark. I think the only thing that could really spark this movement right now is a win in PA. I say Pennsylvania because it is the soonest and the most possible of the April 24th states.
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