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Never pay shipping at Amazon

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Filling Station

How To Ensure You Always Get Free Shipping On Amazon

Amazon’s offer of free shipping is a blessing and a burden. They’ll send your items at no extra cost, yes, but your basket of goods has to reach a certain price before you qualify.

And there’s nothing more annoying than being $1.29 short and buying a $15 DVD out of frustration to round out your order.

Moments like that one call for Amazon Filler Item Finder, an innovative tool that helps you find every item Amazon sells, listed by price.

The site is an exercise in simplicity. Just enter the amount you’re short and you’ll see a list of products that match the price, starting from cheapest to more expensive.

Click on one you want to go to its Amazon page, add it to the cart, and enjoy your free shipping.

We used the site recently when we were 17 cents short on an order, and it suggested a small pencil sharpener.

It's best the best quarter we've spent in a long, long time.