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Public School Indoctrination

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Stop with the authoritarian crap. If you are a public school teacher, then I'm asking you to stop. Stop drugging our boys with Ritalin. Stop with the sit-down, shut-up, and listen curriculum. Stop with the, "When the bell rings you go somewhere else and hurry" stuff. Stop with the, "if you don't obey authority then you are in trouble mantra." Stop. Please stop. Stop with the prison is good mentality. Stop teaching fear.

Plants are plants. Hemp is a good plant. Industrial hemp, when legal to grow, will help mankind from destroying the environment. Stop spreading, "the environment is going to hell" lies. Industrial hemp is compostable and healing. Let it grow. Help it grow.

Real is real. Stop telling children that government defines money. Sound money is real. Fiat money is fake. Teach that. Teach real is real and fake is fake.

Boys are boys. When a daydreaming boy doesn't listen for an hour and obey you when the bell rings doesn't mean that he is retarded. It means that he doesn't give a damn what you are saying. It is unimportant at the moment. He might be wondering why his dick is hard when the cute girl with boobs talks to him. He might be thinking about how to build a car or truck that outruns Joe's car. Let him think. Teach him to think.

Girls are girls. I'm a boy, so I have no clue about girls. Girls are girls and there are books upon books about them. I don't understand girl books. I don't understand girls but I like em anyway.

Socrates was a conspiracy guy. Teach conspiracy. Teach to ask questions. Question authority. Always ask questions. Always ask questions to learn.

Teach the 4 R's ... Reading, Righting, Rithmetic, and Rhetoric, but please stop teaching that all people of the same age are the same and that they should obey whoever is in charge. The people in charge are just looking for power and money. Stop that.

Some people see the world differently and that's okay. Please stop indoctrinating and start teaching.