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Attention Delegates to the Iowa Platform Committee

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The county currency plank has progressed from my precinct, through the county convention and has now been adopted by the third congressional district of the Iowa Republican Party. In each speech I gave for the plank I defined "county currency" as "a currency issued by a county government that it accepts in payment of taxes".

I'm on the State level platform committee and I expect there to be quite a fight because if it makes it into the State platform for the Republican Party of Iowa, there is more than a reasonable chance legislative language could be drafted that would pass the Iowa legislature. If even one State passes this and unburdens its county governments of only State taxes on sales and income in county currencies, it will revolutionize political economics.

The plank is:

Transactions conducted in county currencies shall not be subject to Federal or State taxes.

PS: There may be a "Johnny Currencyseed" business model in helping county governments start their county currencies.


  1. Uriah's Avatar
    How are you on the state platform committee? Committee members aren't chosen until the district convention. That's how it works here in the 2nd district.
  2. jabowery's Avatar
    I went to the Washington State GOP Republican Convention in 2008 as a member of that convention's platform committee, and do not recall being elected at the district, only the county, level. Is there an Iowa GOP district convention agenda available online?
  3. Uriah's Avatar
    An agenda should be mailed out some time soon for each district convention. I do not know about anything being available online. Every delegate elected to the district automatically goes on to the state convention as well. But committee persons are chosen at the county convention to serve at the district then again at district convention to serve for the state convention.

    Get in touch with Drew Ivers if you are not yet. The campaign is still working the state and can assist you.
  4. Uriah's Avatar
    And contact a central committee person from your district and they can let you know how to get a copy of the district convention agenda. Contact info for all the above can be found at