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Captain Shays

Attention Media and GOP: "No one but Paul" POLL ADDED

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The more the media mistreats him. The longer his party marginalizes him. The more blatant their deception becomess but in equal or greater proportion so our resolve to counter that with our strong unbending support for this great man.

Don't think for one minute that our level of integrity is on the same as your's. Don't think for one second that truth and right mean the same thing to you as to us. They don't! We know what truth is and what we hear from the media and the partisan elites is not it. At first we didn't know what the truth was. All we knew was that we didn't here it. But when, we searched we found it in a great man. A man whose words reflect accurately the words of the great men who founded this great country.

Your words contradict those men. Your actions shame their memory and cause them to turn over in their graves. As a result, we are hated by many people in many different countries while you lie to us and tell us it's our fault for being free and prosperous while the truth hits you in your face. That it was your bomb that killed their mother and daughter. That it was your manipulation of currency that drove them into such dire poverty that they couldn't afford to eat. That it was your influence on their government that supported the dictator that oppressed them. THAT Is why they hate us you LIARS not because of us.

And how did you come into such power and influence in the first place? By the very same tactics you're using right now to deprive us of the candidate who will stop your evil. You have done this for a long time for these things didn't happen overnight. You have maitnained your power through intrigue, deception, and propaganda if not by sheer force and violence.

Do not think for one second that good and decent people who are sick and tired of your wars, and violence, and lies and debt, and the theft of our freedoms will support the candidates who will bring us more wars, deeper debt and more loss of our freedoms.

This is our battle cry. This is our resolve. This comes from our hearts and through our informed minds.