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Please explain Ron Pauls plan for social security

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Pillars of Prosperity

Ron Paul

Pg. 69

Concerning the flat tax proposition mentioned at CPAC: I believe it was a rhetorical question. He doesn't want any income tax, but proposed that as an offer to those who would be against others opting out. It's spending that is the problem and I think Dr. Paul's solution is to ween the Government off it's deep pockets and wasteful spending, analyze spending, and direct funds appropriately. Dr. Paul believes in free-markets, I'm sure he believes that the market should ultimately and respectfully assume these responsibilities, correcting these economic downfalls and inflation of prices that congress has willfully authorized to run amok.


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    He would pay it for those who paid in and let those under 25 opt out so it eventually ends by consumer choice. Don't be fooled by the 'he would end social security and medicare' meme -- it is VOLUNTARY so people can put that money somewhere safer/better if they think govt is a lousy manager and untrustworthy. (the very fact that we are HAVING a discussion about cutting social security etc shows they are untrustworthy). He outlines it very briefly in his Plan to Restore America which shows him balancing the budget in three years with no cuts to social security or medicare (he funds them by deeper cuts to unconstitutional agencies where he would return functions to the states.) He also gives an over view of it here: