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Sway of Resistance

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We aren't so far removed from our founding principles, as we are from our morals, virtue, and integrity to stand behind those principles. I am, but one man, with the ability to change the minds of ten. I can tell you I've changed the minds of hundreds. There are many like me, for I am not unique in this regard; yet, I'm as diverse as all the differences that may be between you and me!

You don't need the majority in society to stand in solidarity for the cause of freedom. You only need a passionate minority unwilling to settle for anything less. Our perseverance and unwavering soul is the very strength of man! Let the majority put forth their person of equal passion for tyranny, for all I have ever found is apathy!

Do we not all desire freedom? Do we not all want peace and prosperity? I may not be able to change the country alone, but do not tell me that all hope is gone. I can change my neighbor, my friends and together our impact will be felt and seen.

Should I reason that such novel idea of freedom can only survive with force? Oh, if there is one thing I've learned in my short time on this Earth is that tyranny quashes itself on its own.

Resistance is not futile - it is natural.

I'm not far in spirit from my fore fathers and neither are you. They live on, in our hearts, minds, and even in our blood. You may not know it yet, but you are on my side. But, if we so desire to uphold our honor as Americans, we best know that our morals and virtues are the best weapons against tyranny. Lest you fail to see, the battle for our minds has already begun.

There is no moderation when the time is now to make your stand and say I have had enough! It is my choice, my country, my freedom!

This is my cause. My flag shall fly high, from the dirt's stained by my fore fathers blood, until every shred of the stars fall upon my corpse.

I fear no enemy, nor any challenge that befalls this great nation.

This is what it means, to me, to be American.