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RevPAC's 12 Hour Powercast/$$$Bomb is today 12pm-12am - Tune in for new SS TV ad

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A 12 hour fundraiser and day of good discussion with some great guests.

Donate at
Donate by phone 202-904-2174 (Jordan Page is taking calls lol)

Ask questions to the panel & guests on Twitter with #RevPAC

Tonight at 8:30pm our new Social Security ad "Tea For Two" will premiere live. The ad is the cutest thing you have ever seen for a political ad.

Guest Panel:
Forrest Jehlik (attorney & Ron Paul Illinois delegate)
Erin Gallingly (attorney & Ron Paul Illinois delegate)
Lisa Wogan (Illinois delegate in running)
Paul Sippil (financial adviser)
Jacob Huebert (attorney & author)

Schedule (subject to change) - 12PM - 12AM
12:15 Tom Mullen (columnist, speaker & author)
12:45 Murray Sabrin
1:15 Kevin Gutzman (Constitution)
1:30 Michael Scheuer
1:45 Bill Kaufman (Localism/decentralism)
2:15 Charles Goyette
2:45 Allan Stevo (campaign activism)
3:15 Aaron Jones
3:45 Carl Arriaza (campaign activism)
4:15 Brion McClanahan
4:45 Sheila Weinberg (honest accounting/budgeting)
5:15 Richard Lorenc (America's Future Foundation)
5:45 Robert Scott Bell (health freedom)
6:15 Bryce Shonka (NDAA)
6:45 Ernest Hancock
7:15 Adam Kokesh
7:45 BooshWorks/A.B. Dada (creative activism/business development)
8:15 Penny Freeman
8:30 Premiere "Tea For Two" :60 ad
8:45 Greg Bishop (activism/alternative Media)
9:15 G. Edward Griffin (Federal Reserve)
9:45 Christina Tobin (ballot access and integrity)
10:00 Jordan Page (live performance)
10:20 Gigi Bowman
10:45 Thomas Woods
11:00 Karen Kwiatkowski
11:15 Aaron Jones (effective activism and experiences on the road, Maine delayed caucus)
11:45 John Dennis
and more developing.....