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Monsantoi Is Evil and I Need To Explain How Dangerous They Really Are

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The thing about apples is, they have very thin skin so if they were sprayed with pesticides, no matter how much you wash the apple the pesticide penetrate through the skin and into the apple itself. Therefore you cannot escape the pesticide. The same applies for peaches, strawberries and any other thin skinned fruit or vegetable.

Let's look at milk-- Horizon milks touted they were an organic milk and got caught not following the organic guidelines. These Federal/State guidelines are ridiculous, nonetheless. When people research it a bit, "ultra pasteurization" is not good to consume at all. You cannot make yogurt, cheese or anything with ultra pasteurized milk--because all the good bacteria/enzymes has been taken out through the pasteurization process. The only way to consume milk is raw.

The best way to eat well, is grow your own and buy local from farmers and ranchers you trust. You can certainly taste the difference in beef that has been grass-fed versus beef that has been fed grain. You can certainly taste and see the difference in chicken which is open range too. Chicken eggs that are free range have a deep orange yoke verse a store bought egg. Factory farm eggs are also washed in a solution of bleach. Egg shells are very porous and that bleach solution will get inside the egg. I raised organic chickens and I know this for a fact. If you want to hatch fertile eggs, you cannot even wash the eggs if you are going to incubate them because the shells are so porous you can hurt the fertile egg. In the case of Salmonella-- Salmonella is found more so on factory farms, because the sanitary conditions are atrocious. I have taken an egg from my coop and literally eat it raw and I never once got sick.

It takes a little more effort and work to do it yourself. We have been accustomed to running to a grocery store and getting the items we need--I am guilty of it too, but the problem is, this convenience is not always the best choice when trying to eat healthy and staying healthy.