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They want tyranny.

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You think? As it stands now, we are all slaves to the Banksters--we are slaves to debt. Presidential Executive Order 11051 allows the government to separate family members "as it see's fit" under this Executive order--emergency powers (we have been under it since 1933, by-the-way). If we do not stop the tyranny, we will all be slaves on the global plantation!!

As far as the witch-hunting society is concerned-- do you remember Ruby Ridge, Waco and Ed and Elaine Brown? How about the countless people serving heavy jail sentences for possession of marijuana? How about the tons of documented cases of the DEA making night raids on people, allegedly tipped off (by an informant) to have drugs. They bust into a home, at the witching hour of 3am, to find no drugs in the home, but the owner thought he was being burglarized and tried to defend his property, only to be shot to ribbons in the process.

How about anyone who speaks out against Israel? You know, back in Nazi-Germany, the people turned away and closed their eyes so they wouldn't see what was happening. Is history to be repeated in America? Except this time, we will be the Jews.

Americans are at the precipice, are we going to jump or prepared to make a stand? The leaders are not those who make the laws, our elected representatives were to be subservient to us--the people! The leaders are in each and every one of us! The choice is ours and ours alone. We can sit back, like the people throughout history, hoping for others to fight and win, or we can stand up for what is right!

I could go on and on, giving you examples. Just because we aren't in Salem, Massachusetts (Circa 1692) or Nazi-Germany (Circa 1933) doesn't mean witch-hunts aren't taking place. Just because history has taught us the slaves were black doesn't mean we are not slaves today.

It's time to be on the right side of history. As for me, I have made my decision long ago. I know the contest for liberty is not going to be a cake walk. The hardest part is waking the people up! This is your courtesy wake up call!!